Thomas Mason Blue Small Grid Fabric



Fabric Description

A super versatile business grid that adds a pinch of pattern without feeling bold. It's woven by Thomas Mason in Italy with a smooth 100s 2-ply construction that has been incredibly well-reviewed by our customers. The shade of blue feels easy and timeless--very easy to pair up with either navy or grey suits. You can't go wrong with a President Spread collar--which looks great both with tie and without--on this one. Learn more about Thomas Mason here.


Fabric Details

  • Suggested Style Business
  • Weave Broadclothi
  • Composition 100% Cotton
  • Thread Count 100s 2-plyi
  • Weight Lightweighti
  • Opacity Rating 3 / 5 · Fairly Opaquei
  • Wrinkle Resistance 2 / 5 · Wrinkle-Pronei
  • Origin Italy
  • Mill Thomas Mason
  • Care Machine wash with non-chlorine detergents only, hang dry, ironi
  • Shrinkage This shirt is not expected to shrink. Only Standard Allowances will be applied.i
  • Fabric ID PCF721

4.8 on 114 Reviews

Recommended by 97%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.9

  • Performance 4.8

  • great work shirt

    March 2020  ·  Chris in Pacific Palisades, CA

  • I love this shirt. Great from business casual to something more formal.

    August 2019  ·  Didier in Coconut Grove, FL

  • Great alternative to a solid with a suit and tie.

    July 2019  ·  Sean in Charlotte, NC

  • Nice fabric

    May 2019  ·  Gary in New York, NY

  • Shirt is still wearable, but without tie due to shrinkage.

    March 2019  ·  Sean in Cumberland, RI

  • Big fan of Thomas Mason small grid fabric.

    February 2019  ·  Robert in New York, NY

  • Nice, crisp fabric, but wrinkles easier than expected.

    October 2018  ·  Travis in Montecito, CA

  • Timeless and fine, pairs with almost any tie.

    October 2018  ·  Van in Raleigh, NC

  • Love Blue shirts.

    August 2018  ·  Harry in Houston, TX

  • Fantastic versatility and beautiful grid pattern.

    August 2018  ·  Lance in Greenville, SC

  • Love the weight of this shirt.

    May 2018  ·  Adam in Portland, ME

  • Dressy and refined

    April 2018  ·  Morris in Winston-Salem, NC

  • Bright blue, low wrinkle

    April 2018  ·  Pete in tampa, FL

  • Great feel, wears well!

    March 2018  ·  Dan in City Of Spokane Valley, WA

  • A great standby shirt that is both boardroom ready and a little quirky to stand out in a crowd.

    March 2018  ·  Andrew in CHICAGO, IL

  • Great fabric. Great weight and great quality.

    February 2018  ·  Justin in Wynnewood, PA

  • Great pattern all around, great texture

    February 2018  ·  Kevin in New York, NY

  • Looks and feels great.

    January 2018  ·  Matt in Wellesley, MA

  • Nice pattern.

    December 2017  ·  Timothy in Atlanta, GA

  • Consistently my favorite fabric and shirt. Another great option on proper-cloth.

    December 2017  ·  Chris in Darien, CT

  • Great shirt - would order again.

    November 2017  ·  Graham in Auchenflower, Queensland

  • Soft

    October 2017  ·  Gerald in New York, NY

  • Really like the pattern, although I wish there were more color options (hint). Very lightweight but low opacity. Wrinkles easily.

    October 2017  ·  Andrew in Washington, DC

  • Comfortable weight and versatile check pattern.

    September 2017  ·  Florian in Boston, MA

  • Great, simple pattern. Nice gauge to the fabric - feels durable. Not transparent.

    August 2017  ·  Alessandro in BETHESDA, MD

  • Nice

    July 2017  ·  Michael in Greenwich, CT

  • Lines more well defined in real life

    July 2017  ·  Andrew in New York, NY

  • Beautiful color that looks sharp with a suit and tie or dressed-down with the sleeves rolled-up.

    July 2017  ·  Colin in Royse City, TX

  • Very nice, wrinkle free. Excellent feel and extremely versatile.

    July 2017  ·  Jeff in Powell, OH

  • Great work shirt

    June 2017  ·  joseph in La Jolla, CA

  • Classic shirt. Goes well with almost anything

    June 2017  ·  Hak in Cleveland, TN

  • As expected - again!

    June 2017  ·  Jeremy in Appling, GA

  • Very nice fabric. Softer than I expected.

    June 2017  ·  Stephen in GREENWICH, CT

  • Very nice

    June 2017  ·  Josh in New York, NY

  • Really enjoy this fabric. This is my second shirt (the first one tore at the cleaners).

    June 2017  ·  Cameron in Houston, TX

  • This is the best fabric I've gotten from PC in a while. Great color of blue with good tonal depth from the pattern. Very soft.

    May 2017  ·  Tyler in Wilmette, IL

  • Work staple. Looks great with navy blue or grey suit.

    May 2017  ·  Peter in Darien, CT

  • Works well as an alternative to solid color

    May 2017  ·  Mikael in New York, NY

  • Love this shirt

    May 2017  ·  Jordan in New York, NY

  • Love it.

    May 2017  ·  jarod in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

  • This grid pattern is my new very favorite shirt. I have it in the blue and red. I love them both. And Thomas Mason cottons are the best, dangit.

    April 2017  ·  Daniel in Portland, OR

  • Light and comfortable fabric though it wrinkles quite a bit

    April 2017  ·  Javier in Valencia, Valencia

  • Very nice fabric (weight, sheen, pattern). Thomas Mason fabrics in the $150 range will be my go to.

    April 2017  ·  Stephen in BALTIMORE, MD

  • very nice shirt.

    April 2017  ·  Richard in Sag Harbor, NY

  • Very nice shirt. Looks as pictured. Great small details.

    April 2017  ·  Glenn in MARIETTA, GA

  • Material feels great!

    April 2017  ·  Steve in Leesburg, VA

  • This is definitely one of my top 3 favorite shirts. The color is very clean and SHARP. Definitely recommend.

    March 2017  ·  Jason in HICKSVILLE, NY

  • New favorite. Bought to replace a "made to order" shirt from another company that simply did not last.

    March 2017  ·  Alan in Chattanooga, TN

  • Breathable with a nice amount of stretch. Good fabric for a casual or business casual shirt. Good for travel.

    March 2017  ·  Reed in Victoria, British Columbia

  • Very nice fabric.

    March 2017  ·  Brad in New York, NY

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