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Fabric Description

Every man should own an oxford shirt. Comfortable, hard-wearing, and incredibly versatile, oxfords are an absolute wardrobe staple.

Our heavy oxfords have just the right amount of heft to them—they’re woven from Pima cotton with a 40/1 x 21/2 construction for a fabric that feels substantial, but not overly thick. They’re also highly resilient, meaning they’ll last for years and only get better the more they’re washed and worn. You can dress an oxford up under a sport coat or dress it down with your favorite pair of jeans. It’s one of the few fabrics that can just as easily be worn with a tie as it can be worn rumpled and untucked. Our light blue heavy oxford is as timeless and easy to wear as it gets.

Suggested Styling: Try it with our Soft Ivy Button Down Collar, Soft Front Placket, and a Soft One-Button Cuff for a classic oxford cloth button down (OCBD), or go with one of our soft spread collars for more of a sprezzy Italian vibe.

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Fabric Details

4.7 on 2922 Reviews

Recommended by 94%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.6

  • SOlid oxford

    20 hours ago  ·  Stephen in NEW YORK, NY

  • Beautiful fabric

    3 days ago  ·  Patricia in Bristol, CT

  • The classic blue color looks great.

    3 days ago  ·  Matthew in RICHARDSON, TX

  • Good qualify Oxford cloth that works in all seasons except summer.

    5 days ago  ·  Mingyu in NEW YORK, NY

  • Great fabric, classic sturdy oxford

    5 days ago  ·  Simeon in Cambridge,

  • Another solid oxford. Looks great. No complaints at all.

    6 days ago  ·  Nicolas in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Feels well made and high quality. A basic done very well.

    1 weeks ago  ·  Andrew in Barcelona, Catalonia

  • Good ocbd fabric - may go for a non-iron or other fabric for my next shirt since instructions say hang dry and I dislike ironing.

    1 weeks ago  ·  Isaac in FAIRFAX, VA

  • Sturdy but softens considerably after first couple wears.

    2 weeks ago  ·  Zach in BAY CITY, MI

  • Fabric is solid. Exactly what you should expect for an Oxford.

    2 weeks ago  ·  Theodore in Arlington, VA

  • Very comfortable but poor wrinkle resistance.

    2 weeks ago  ·  Mark in EUGENE, OR

  • Have not owned oxfords in years. This is a serious quality/performance upgrade. Great shirt/fabric for business casual or just casual.

    3 weeks ago  ·  Waldemar in CHICAGO, IL

  • Love how thick this fabric is and how soft it gets after wearing it even once.

    3 weeks ago  ·  Steven in Mayfield Heights, OH

  • I've ordered a couple of OCBDs now and I like the fabric after it's been worn and washed a bit. It loosens up nicely. Out of the box I find the shirts a bit stiff and uncomfortable but the get better with time.

    3 weeks ago  ·  Tony in Calgary, Alberta

  • Best OCBD fabric I’ve experienced

    3 weeks ago  ·  Wes in RALEIGH, NC

  • This is basically the perfect shirt fabric. Wear it wrinkly with jeans or shorts for a casual look or press it and wear it with a suit for a more formal look.

    4 weeks ago  ·  Frank in Trussville, AL

  • Fabric is excellent! Lovely color.

    4 weeks ago  ·  Greg in Brooklyn, NY

  • Looks gòod.

    4 weeks ago  ·  Paul in Milwaukie, OR

  • great old school shirt my type of shirt

    4 weeks ago  ·  michael in Arlington, VA

  • I'd actually like it a little thicker and with a softer hand.

    4 weeks ago  ·  Kenneth in New York, NY

  • Classic Oxford cloth - very happy

    5 weeks ago  ·  John in Belleville, ON

  • Solid Oxford shirt fabric.

    5 weeks ago  ·  Joseph in Lancaster, NY

  • Good weight for all season wear and not too stiff. Great value oxford cloth.

    5 weeks ago  ·  Seung in Toronto, ON

  • Great OCBD can dress it up with a blazer or keep it casual

    last month  ·  Joseph in Lawrenceburg, IN

  • Thick and calming blue shade

    last month  ·  Benjamin in Malvern, PA

  • Fabric and construction is great, noticeably better quality than off-the-rack oxford shirts I have bought in the past.

    last month  ·  Farid in LOUISVILLE, KY

  • love the color and style but it's too heavy for my liking and definitely not wrinkle resistant.

    last month  ·  Matthew in Scottsdale, AZ

  • reasonable fabric for the price

    last month  ·  James in Presto, PA

  • Strong, durable fabric that will feels as if it will last a lifetime. I am hoping it will continue to soften with continue washes.

    last month  ·  Patrick in FALLS CHURCH, VA

  • Very nice fabric.

    last month  ·  Roberto in MIAMI, FL

  • Nice quality oxford

    last month  ·  Jared in Medford, NJ

  • Classic look

    last month  ·  Ryan in Davidson, NC

  • Love this heavier oxford cloth!

    last month  ·  William in Knoxville, TN

  • Good weight to the fabric and holds off wrinkles all day long.

    last month  ·  Jamie in Short Hills, NJ

  • Very comfortable, even with the lovely heavier fabric. The wrinkle resistance could be a bit better.

    last month  ·  Uri in Alamo, CA

  • It is perfect. I will be ordering similar shirts in the future.

    last month  ·  Alec in SAINT PAUL, MN

  • My favorite fabric

    last month  ·  Michael in Chicago, IL

  • Great sturdy fabric. Comfortable and looks great.

    last month  ·  Josh in Auckland, PR

  • Good weight and hand.

    last month  ·  Carl in Albany, CA

  • Good weight to fabric, classic Oxford with tailored fit!

    last month  ·  Mark in SAN ANTONIO, TX

  • Love this one. Its great style and comfort.

    last month  ·  Les in Boxford, MA

  • Nice, classic design

    last month  ·  Clifford in Brookside, NJ

  • Nice heavyweight oxford shirt. I got it with the soft ivy button collar which is a good size and has a nice roll.

    last month  ·  Benjamin in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • The fabric quality appears to be great. It isn't super soft and flimsy, and it isn't rough either. The shirt is comfortable to wear.

    last month  ·  Armin in Matawan, NJ

  • Shirt looked great. But the fabric was too rough around the neck. Had to return.

    last month  ·  Royce in Silver Spring, MD

  • Good quality

    last month  ·  Marin in Zagreb,

  • Classic light blue.

    last month  ·  Hassan in BOSTON, MA

  • A perfect Oxford Cloth Button Down. Love it. Sturdy, thick, nice collar roll.

    last month  ·  Hunter in NOKOMIS, FL

  • This is a heavier fabric than I expected, but I am very happy with it. This is more of a three-season shirt where I live.

    last month  ·  Peter in PORTLAND, OR

  • Beautiful feel and structure. Not as wrinkle resistant as I would’ve liked, but my favorite Oxford shirt.

    last month  ·  Sameer in Chevy Chase, MD

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