Navy Micro Seersucker Fabric

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Fabric Description

Seersucker has long been a warm weather essential, so we went to work on developing a totally unique new take on the classic. We love the way a true solid seersucker looks, but for this we slimmed down the puckered stripe to be very thin. The result was a totally new style--a micro seersucker than feels a bit more refined than the original. Perfect for wearing on a warm day and more subtle than any other seersucker you'll see out there. It's woven with a durable 60/2 x 60/2 construction. We love a Soft President Spread or Soft Ivy BD collar on these and don't be shy to give it short sleeves and make it your new beach shirt. Due to the special nature of seersucker fabrics, they can only be made using soft, unfused collars and cuffs.


Fabric Details

4.4 on 191 Reviews

Recommended by 83%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.6

  • Performance 4.3

  • seersucker is very small lines, need to be up close to see it

    February 2022  ·  Daniel in Larchmont, NY

  • great option for warmer days

    January 2022  ·  Allan Louie in Houston, TX

  • comfortable

    December 2021  ·  james in KNOXVILLE, TN

  • This is a nice fabric but feels a bit stiff at times. The color is nice but a deeper blue would be even better i think.

    July 2021  ·  Julian in Mississauga, ON

  • The feel of this fabric leaves something to be desired - fine with an undershirt but not nearly as comfortable as other Proper Cloth fabrics. Looks good though.

    July 2021  ·  Will in HOUSTON, TX

  • Fabric feels tough and starchy

    June 2021  ·  Sam in STUDIO CITY, CA

  • It may be a problem unique to me but to accumulate whitish stains from laundry detergent that are difficult to remove

    November 2020  ·  Gary in ALEXANDRIA, VA

  • Fabric a bit stiff but comfortable.

    October 2020  ·  Ron in Singapore, Singapore

  • Not a fan of color

    September 2020  ·  Stuart in Chene-Bougeries,

  • Great look and color.

    June 2020  ·  Blaine in Flushing, NY

  • Nice blue at first, but it "aged" quickly.

    April 2020  ·  Joseph in Eden Prairie, MN

  • This was my first seersucker shirt and i was unsure what to expect. It is gorgeous. I love the depth of the color, the degree of opacity and the texture of the fabric.

    April 2020  ·  Jesse in New York, NY

  • Great fabric

    February 2020  ·  Tosin in New York, NY

  • Great fabric

    December 2019  ·  timothy in Scottsdale, AZ

  • Excellent for summer shirts.

    December 2019  ·  Richard in Aldie, VA

  • This shirt is a little to dark and so its tough to wear with black pants and jeans. I thought it would have more texture then it does.

    November 2019  ·  GORDON in LUBBOCK, TX

  • Did not like this material it feels rough and plasticky

    November 2019  ·  Philip in Atlanta, GA

  • Lost color after a few washes (washed according to the instructions)

    November 2019  ·  Diego in Belmont, MA

  • Very nice light package. Really nice to touch.

    November 2019  ·  Edward in Brooklyn, NY

  • Shirt was awesome first 2-3 times I wore it. It does not survive washing or dry cleaning well. Lost its shine, feels rigid and uncomfortable. I don't wear it anymore

    November 2019  ·  Michael in New York, NY

  • The fabric was a little stiffer that I would have liked. It was farther away from "regular" seersucker than I was expecting.

    October 2019  ·  Michael in Washington, DC

  • Great shirt

    October 2019  ·  Terence in MADISON, WI

  • This fabric is great, I'm glad a got a shirt before it went out of stock.

    September 2019  ·  Kieran in San Francisco, CA

  • very wrinkly and rigid, looks stiff and wrinkled at the same time.

    September 2019  ·  Evan in Camden, ME

  • faded really fast

    September 2019  ·  Jon in Lakeville, MN

  • A little stiffer than other fabrics which give it structure and weight. Despite feeling heavy, this shirt remains cool in the summer heat.

    September 2019  ·  Rajan in LAS VEGAS, NV

  • Great for summer

    August 2019  ·  Fernando in Smithfield, VA

  • I'm really new to this way of shopping for shirts and didn't really know what to expect, but I was very happy with the material. It's a little on the heavy side (my personal opinion, I'm not sure how seasoned shoppers would rate it).

    August 2019  ·  Richard in Cleona, PA

  • really terrific seersucker with good visual depth and feels like it floats on you.

    August 2019  ·  Vishal in New York, NY

  • A nice, standard, seersucker fabric.

    August 2019  ·  Josh in Apex, NC

  • Micro seersucker is amazing! You get all the benefits of a seersucker, but, it does not appear to be seersucker. The color is very deep and substantial. Really "pops." Love this shirt for warn or cool days, but, it excels in ridiculously hot weather where it breaths.

    August 2019  ·  Joel in Franklin, WI

  • A subtle nod to the Seersucker Gods, incorporating Southern Summer traditionalism into a dark navy colorway that would hardly ever be seen under the Virginia sun in summer.

    August 2019  ·  Christopher in Burien, WA

  • good summer weight shirt

    August 2019  ·  Warden in High Point, NC

  • Favorite Casual Shirt Material

    July 2019  ·  Dack in WEST PALM BEACH, FL

  • Nice fabric, but a noticeable textile while worn. May be an issue for those who prefer smooth fabrics.

    July 2019  ·  Scott in Oakville, ON

  • Kind of scratchy, so not wash well at all, looks like a prune after washing

    July 2019  ·  Scott in Edmonton, Alberta

  • The nature of the fabric and the color are a little less than striking, and the fabric, I suppose because it's a seersucker, is a little tough, but I still enjoy and do wear this often.

    July 2019  ·  John in BROOKLYN, NY

  • A little stiffer than I had hoped for, but a great casual shirt fabric. Heavier than I'm used to for seersucker.

    July 2019  ·  John in BEND, OR

  • This fabric was not quite as fancy as I thought it might be, but it is a nice colour, and it is nice and crisp and cool.

    July 2019  ·  Christopher in Lyon, Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes

  • Wasn't a fan. Actually returned this for credit. Fabric was much different than the other shirts I'd purchased in the past.

    July 2019  ·  Ryan in Topeka, KS

  • Soft fade of color is nice.

    July 2019  ·  Edward in Studio City, CA

  • Micro Seersucker should be more common!

    July 2019  ·  James in KANSAS CITY, MO

  • I like it very much--it is crisp, smooth, and refined.

    July 2019  ·  William in Stillwater, OK

  • cool -- great for summer or the tropics

    July 2019  ·  Larry in Atherton, CA

  • Better than hoped!

    July 2019  ·  robert in CHICAGO, IL

  • was oevrsized

    July 2019  ·  Chris in Brooklyn, NY

  • Incredibly breathable, excellent shirt for humid summer days.

    July 2019  ·  Emilio in Closter, NJ

  • A little heavier than I thought seersucker should be.

    July 2019  ·  David in Fort Lee, NJ

  • Lightweight and breathable. A little stiff in the beginning but softens up with washing.

    July 2019  ·  Matthew in Washington, DC

  • This shirt came out markedly smaller than every other shirt in the order. It's a beautiful fabric and it looks/feels terrific, but I can't wear it due to the sizing. Extremely disappointing.

    July 2019  ·  Adam in FREMONT, CA

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