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Fabric Description

A heavy oxford in a mid-blue is a can't-miss casual shirt. It's been an American staple since super-stylish Ivy Leaguers made it their fabric of choice back in the early 60's.


Fabric Details

4.6 on 164 Reviews

Recommended by 97%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.9

  • Have had this shirt for ages ( early 2014). And, still hanging together. Essential basic travel wear.

    April 2020  ·  Ramy in Miranda, NSW

  • This shirt is extremely comfortable, either starched or completely un-ironed.

    February 2020  ·  Forrest in Greensboro, NC

  • Good looking fabric and great fitting shirt.

    October 2019  ·  Thomas in CHICAGO, IL

  • Nice heavy blue oxford.

    August 2017  ·  Robert in Chalfont, PA

  • Nice weight, could do with more color variation, but still a great value for a workhorse casual fabric.

    July 2017  ·  Tim in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Classic

    May 2017  ·  Zev in los angeles, CA

  • Sturdy and goes with everything. Only warning I'd provide is I experience a larger amount of shrinking in the sleeves than other fabrics I've purchased.

    November 2016  ·  Adam in Houston, TX

  • Great classic looking shirt.

    May 2016  ·  Connor in DALLAS, TX

  • The fabric has rough textured feel to it. It shrunk more that expected. It makes a good casual shirt. I would suggest washing it and hang dry.

    April 2016  ·  Armando in Moreno Valley, CA

  • this shirt is awesome - super versatile - perfect oxford

    April 2016  ·  Joseph in Dallas, TX

  • Good thick fabric. Since it is heavyweight, it is slightly stiff and not as soft as other oxfords, but looks good ironed.

    March 2016  ·  Cory in Dublin, CA

  • Great classic shade of light blue

    November 2015  ·  Andrew in Newark, DE

  • Beautiful fabric, great quality and construction, quickly became my go-to shirt!

    September 2015  ·  Andrew in Louisville, KY

  • Perfect.

    August 2015  ·  Ian in New York, NY

  • It\'s a heavy fabric, make no mistake. But, on a cold winter day, with a blazer or pull over, it looks great. Despite the heft of the fabric, it lays softly and holds a pressing really well. I find I can wear it two or three times between launderings with just touch up ironing.

    August 2015  ·  Nathanael in Moberly, MO

  • Extremely durable.

    August 2015  ·  Cody in Toronto, Ontario

  • Great looking fabric.

    July 2015  ·  Patrick in Chevy Chase, MD

  • I really like this fabric, especially for the price. It\'s a really great quality oxford.

    July 2015  ·  Matthew in New York, NY

  • Great casual shirt!

    June 2015  ·  Thomas in Philadelphia, PA

  • Nice hefty fabric. Classic american staple.

    June 2015  ·  Leo in Stockholm,

  • great material..I own many oxfords but this is definitely the best!!

    June 2015  ·  michael in westport, CT

  • Nice fabric, substantial and weighty.

    June 2015  ·  Palmer in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • This is a classic. Great color. Heavy enough to keep you warm on a chilly night. Feels sturdy and light.

    June 2015  ·  Lee in Jacksonville, FL

  • perfect blue shirt for the office or stone street.

    May 2015  ·  Evan in New York, NY

  • Feels very sturdy (but soft) right out of the box. Can\'t wait to wash it a couple of times and see how it feels!

    May 2015  ·  Ben in Milwaukee, WI

  • Good basic oxford.

    May 2015  ·  Andrew in Calgary, Alberta

  • This shirt is definitely a heavier oxford. It can be somewhat stiff. The fabric almost has a pique like texture to it. Irons well. Perfect for casual business attire.

    May 2015  ·  Killian in Madison, WI

  • Solid oxford

    May 2015  ·  R in New York, NY

  • classic oxford a must for every closet

    May 2015  ·  Christian in Elkhorn, NE

  • Good go everyday blue shirt. I like it with a button down collar.

    May 2015  ·  Ajay in Jersey City, NJ

  • The soft roma BT and fabric feels great!

    May 2015  ·  Stephen in New Castle, DE

  • Heavier and more coarse than expected. Comfort level questionable even if shirt had fit.

    April 2015  ·  Frederick in Matawan, NJ

  • Nice dress shirt

    April 2015  ·  Scott in Doylestown, PA

  • Nice, crisp oxford. Similar thickness to Brooks Brothers\' oxford. Should wear in nicely.

    April 2015  ·  Adrian in SALT LAKE CITY, UT

  • A quality oxford for a great price. Recommended!

    April 2015  ·  Grant in Fairfield, CT

  • Had a nice feel to it, softer than expected. After a couple of trips to the cleaners it has faded quickly and snagged easily.

    March 2015  ·  Robert in PLANO, TX

  • I have no complaints, it feels sturdy and thick. I like it because I feel it would look good under a jacket or on its own un tucked. I was expecting it to be a little lighter in color, but I was still very happy with the way it came out.

    March 2015  ·  Chris in Draper, UT

  • I wish the oxford were a little lighter but I guess I knew going in when I bought a heavy oxford.

    March 2015  ·  Keith in Brooklyn, NY

  • it is so hard to be different with a button down oxford, it is such a classic combo --- but this shirt just wears really great, and after a few washes got even better. I wear it as an informal shirt, often just a weekend shirt

    March 2015  ·  Dmitri in Burlingame, CA

  • my new favorite shirt for work

    March 2015  ·  Conor in New York, NY

  • Good quality standard blue oxford in a nice mid-blue shade that goes with everything. Good value.

    February 2015  ·  Jack in Hilversum,

  • Great fabric!

    February 2015  ·  Mark in MINNEAPOLIS, MN

  • Great colour and I have a feeling it\'s going to wear like a pig\'s snout!

    February 2015  ·  Peter in Etobicoke, ON

  • Very nice.

    January 2015  ·  Rory in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

  • Generally good. A bit of fading around the collar after several months of machine washing, but overall a solid fabric with a nice color and soft feel.

    January 2015  ·  Grant in Jacksonville, FL

  • The fabric is as advertised, very thick. good for the country.

    January 2015  ·  Harrison in Beverly Hills, CA

  • This is a mid- to heavy-weight oxford fabric. Not as soft or luxurious as some of the higher end fabrics offered, but this is a great staple fabric. I would consider adding a fraction of an inch to the sleeve length if you plan to wash and tumble dry, as the fabric tends to shrink just a bit. Overall, a good value.

    January 2015  ·  Brian in Alexandria, VA

  • Very nice thickness and texture. Just as expected.

    November 2014  ·  Brett in Grand Junction, CO

  • Definitely thick. Feels amazing after breaking in.

    November 2014  ·  Alexander in Upland, CA

  • Great, heavier and durable material.

    October 2014  ·  Mr A G in Amherst, NY

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