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Fabric Description

One of our thickest fabrics yet. This oxford is super soft and will keep you warm. A blue oxford is a classic and it belongs in every dudes wardrobe. This heavy oxford is more of a casual style. It would look great with your favorite pair of jeans or chinos. *Shrinkage adjusted from 2/20/13


Fabric Details

4.2 on 36 Reviews

Recommended by 83%.

  • Color & Pattern 5.0

  • Performance 4.0

  • Fantastic - I wore this every day for years until it had holes. I like oxfords because you really don't need to iron them.

    November 2016  ·  Alexander in New York, NY

  • As per my shirt review, the only con was this fabric. It's comfortable and durable, but a real workout to iron. It just seems to want to wrinkle, and it really fights the iron. Even after ironing, it looks a bit rumpled soon after you put it on. If you take your shirts to the cleaners this is probably not an issue: in fact you'll probably want a more durable fabric. I like it overall, but for my next shirt I'll go back to the regular weight oxford.

    October 2016  ·  Martin in Victoria, BC

  • Rather stiff at first, but after many washings it\'s finally getting that classic OCBD feel I was looking for. Not quite on par with a Brooks Brothers fabric, but that\'s the tradeoff for a perfect fit, I guess.

    March 2015  ·  Jonathan in San Diego, CA

  • Beautiful, tough. Washed very well. Shrinks a tiny bit in length, but I expected that. Would buy again.

    February 2015  ·  Nicholas in Norfolk, VA

  • Perfect heavy weight Oxford. Good for casual wear or dressing up

    February 2015  ·  Tanner in Calgary, Alberta

  • Not an especially nice fabric. It\'s \"heavy\"and it\'s \"Oxford\" so I suppose it\'s as advertised. Be wary of how your measurements will fit after washing. Nut recommended.

    January 2015  ·  Mark in MINNEAPOLIS, MN

  • Wrinkle Prone

    January 2015  ·  Jeremiah in Logan, UT

  • Felt just barely lighter than a BB.

    December 2014  ·  Mary Lou in Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Good, high quality classic oxford (I believe this used to be labeled \'polo blue\' and is close but a bit lighter than say, Brooks Brother\'s standard blue OCBD).

    December 2014  ·  Andrew in Conway, AR

  • Love everything about this fabric! Great color and new shrinkage adjusted sizing worked well for me.

    April 2014  ·  Brad in Austin, TX

  • classic - must have.

    December 2013  ·  Frederic in Westmount, QC

  • Great weight, durable construction and classic color.

    July 2013  ·  Bruce in Woodside, CA

  • Heavier than I expected, but definitely in a good way. Color is as advertised. May be a little warm for summer but perfect for the rest of the year. Highly recommend.

    July 2013  ·  Daniel in Boston, MA

  • I found this blue to be a bit richer than expected - closer to a french blue than a light blue in my eye, which makes it a bit harder to wear for me. The cloth is a fairly standard weight - I wouldn\'t describe it as \"heavy.\"

    June 2013  ·  Ian in Corvallis, OR

  • This fabric was out of stock at the time of order and was subsequently changed. As I have ordered other Oxford Cloth fabrics, I find them to be good value. They tend to hold wrinkles throughout the day\'s wear a little.

    June 2013  ·  James in Balwyn, Victoria

  • Nice fabric, a bit stiff

    June 2013  ·  Michael in Short Hills, NJ

  • Very heavy, casual summer shirt.

    June 2013  ·  G in Stoneville, NC

  • Great shirt!

    May 2013  ·  Amit in New York, NY

  • really heavy, really comfy. not much shrinkage.

    May 2013  ·  Adam in Houston, TX

  • Very heavy and somewhat coarse fabric. It didn\'t shrink down to size and is still a bit too big (PC up-sized for this fabric with the expectation that it would shrink)

    May 2013  ·  Adam in New York, NY

  • Nice weight, good color and texture.

    May 2013  ·  Steve in Villanova, PA

  • This fabric is quite thick. It\'s not particularly soft but is a good deal for the price.

    May 2013  ·  Jan in Phila, PA

  • Best fabric yet. Excellent feel and color. Highly recommend this with the club collar, makes a nice take on classic oxford shirts.

    May 2013  ·  Andrew in Brooklyn, NY

  • Fabric has a nice nubby feel. Very blue (not as gray in tone when compared to a Brooks Brothers blue ocbd). Curious to see how it ages and what multiple washings does to it. A little stiff out of the box, but this is probably unavoidable. No real complaints, though this review might be more useful in about 2 months.

    May 2013  ·  Michael in London, London

  • This is definitely a nice solid fabric. Feels really good on the skin and extremely comfortable.

    May 2013  ·  Huy in New York, NY

  • Great

    May 2013  ·  Bobby in New York, NY

  • Great fabric for price!

    April 2013  ·  Blake in PENSACOLA, FL

  • What I consider the classic oxford cloth. Thick, classic and my new daily shirt.

    April 2013  ·  Benjamin in PORTLAND, OR

  • Perfect oxford cloth.

    April 2013  ·  Matthew in San Francisco, CA

  • This heavy oxford feels like it\'s going to last a looooong time. I like that because my shirts tend to give out before I\'m ready to say goodbye.

    April 2013  ·  Jonathan in Los Angeles, CA

  • very durable and nicely built, I feel like the shrinkage adjustments are being over compensated for the oxfords. Mine has been washed twice and hasn\'t shrunk much and I have to tweek my sizes accordingly

    April 2013  ·  Cody in El Reno, OK

  • Nice weight. Irons easily.

    April 2013  ·  Leonard in Portland, OR

  • Good value

    March 2013  ·  Jon in New York, NY

  • Decent weight fabric. I expected it to be a bit thicker and more substantial. Not as nice quality as a Brooks Brothers\' oxford fabric, but decent. After several wears it softens up.

    March 2013  ·  Craig in Elkins Park, PA

  • First Order and the shirt Fit Great, Ready to Order another.

    February 2013  ·  Richard in Columbia, MD

  • Feels heaver than it is and I really like it. Looks like quality and I really like it a lot.

    February 2013  ·  Devin in Lindenhurst, IL

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