Khaki Chino Fabric

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Fabric Description

This khaki chino fabric is a great casual fabric with a fine twill construction. It gets softer the more you wear it and typically looks best with a soft button-down collar. This chino holds up against wrinkling really well, so it'll look nice and clean at the end of a long Saturday.


Fabric Details

4.5 on 28 Reviews

Recommended by 82%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.0

  • Performance 4.3

  • don’t like how it feels on my skin

    July 2019  ·  Andrew in Brooklyn, NY

  • Thick and solid

    April 2017  ·  malcolm in Elmwood, ON

  • More silky than cotton feel

    July 2016  ·  Brian in Whitewater, WI

  • Great value and holds up well after multiple washing.

    March 2016  ·  James in Glastonbury, CT

  • I made a dress shirt with this fabric, it is totally unique, looks great with blue cords, with or without a tie. Very soft fabric. Love it.

    November 2015  ·  Jeffrey in NEW YORK, NY

  • Light, crisp khaki. Good drape, layers nicely. Collar rolls beautifully in the soft Ivy BD style. Great casual shirt for throwing on with some jeans for a weekend day.

    August 2015  ·  Galen in Dulles, VA

  • Good staple color.

    June 2015  ·  michael in Brooklyn, NY

  • Heavy weight but nice.

    June 2015  ·  Craig in Reno, NV

  • Makes a great, hearty, casual shirt. Almost a workshirt weight. Will definitely last a long time.

    May 2015  ·  Paul-Andrew in Brooklyn, NY

  • once again another great shirt. really like this fabric.

    May 2015  ·  Kevin in W Haven, CT

  • This fabric wrinkles easily and really shows wrinkles. It is also very thick and can feel boxy. The photo is color accurate. The fabric may be slightly darker and more tan than the photo, but it is definitely a light khaki.

    May 2015  ·  Killian in Madison, WI

  • A great casual fabric. It goes very well with jeans.

    April 2015  ·  Brandon in Washington, DC

  • Great colour and tough material. Breaths well, but quite thick and not good for warm weather

    March 2015  ·  Tariq in Fruit Cove, FL

  • Nice change from a white oxford for wearing with jeans

    January 2015  ·  Tobias in Wayzata, MN

  • Not very refined -- I know it\'s khaki, but still a little to corse.

    October 2014  ·  Russ in Winnetka, IL

  • Great casual shirt

    August 2014  ·  Richard in Van Alstyne, TX

  • Good quality for a pretty generic product. I\'m looking forward to trying something a little more interesting like flannel or madras for my next selection.

    July 2014  ·  Todd in Bradfordwoods, PA

  • Out of the box this fabric reminded me of canvas, but the sheen was tamed after I washed it. This is a great adventurer\'s shirt and I\'ll be wearing it mostly with my weathered canvas pants and boots. The Colorado button-down (brown buttons) with soft cuffs and placket look great on it. It wrinkles pretty easily, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I have high hopes for this shirt.

    July 2014  ·  Adam in Ankeny, IA

  • The way this fabric feels is very pleasing. Thick and good choice for casual shirt. I was hoping for the color to be a little bit lighter but the pics available now are very accurate color wise

    June 2014  ·  Oliver in Stockholm, Uppland

  • Great

    June 2014  ·  Michael in New York, NY

  • Great.

    May 2014  ·  David in Mesa, AZ

  • Fantastic. Strong but still has a nice look. The color is timeless and flexible, jeans or slacks. It\'s not as dressy as other fabrics but I like that it can be worn in a variety of setting and with different types if pants.

    April 2014  ·  Ben in San Francisco, CA

  • Great!

    April 2014  ·  Gregory in Evergreen, CO

  • Good shade of brown for a shirt - enough to be versatile with SC/suits and ties/PS\'s. Difficult to find a shirt like this - ecru is too light for my tastes. Went with the brown horn buttons on this one and it adds a nice detail that pops wonderfully. Color representation is accurate.

    March 2014  ·  Andrew in Conway, AR

  • The color is lighter than I expected. I would recommend ordering a sample beforehand to make sure it is really what you are looking for.

    March 2014  ·  Peter in CAMBRIDGE, MA

  • a nice replacement for the heavier ocxford cloth

    March 2014  ·  richard in Los Angeles, CA

  • This is a little thicker fabric, a nice fall winter spring shirt.

    March 2014  ·  Jon in Lincoln, NE

  • differnet color

    March 2014  ·  Ken in RIDGEWOOD, NJ

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