Canclini 120s Navy Gingham Fabric



Fabric Description

Navy gingham is a classic style that every guy should have in his rotation. This is one of our lightest weight ginghams - perfect for the summer. Construction is a nice, breathable 120/2 x 80/1 compact broadcloth.


Fabric Details

4.7 on 145 Reviews

Recommended by 98%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.8

  • Great!

    April 2021  ·  Adam in Seattle, WA

  • Soft and supremely comfortable.

    December 2020  ·  Kevin in Washington, DC

  • excellent color and fit

    June 2018  ·  Robert in orchard park, NY

  • Perfect for summer khakis

    December 2017  ·  John in New York, NY

  • Great all-round fabric that is both casual and business.

    May 2017  ·  Steven in London,

  • great

    September 2016  ·  John in Middletown, NJ

  • Love all the gingham shirts on here. This shirt is my go to one.

    August 2016  ·  Damian in Reston, VA

  • american classic, best for every occasion.

    June 2016  ·  Brook in San Francisco, CA

  • The pattern is trendy, and the fabric is light enough for a Texas summer.

    June 2016  ·  Evan in The Woodlands, TX

  • Great fabric. I\'m please with the patter & shade of navy. Another strong offering from Proper Cloth

    April 2016  ·  Mike in ATLANTA, GA

  • Very nice

    April 2016  ·  Matt in Deerfield, NH

  • Great fabric. Recommended.

    March 2016  ·  John in Greenbrae, CA

  • Great shirt.

    March 2016  ·  Thomas in Edmond, OK

  • Great shirt but the blue checks were a little darker than I thought they would be.

    February 2016  ·  David in Montclair, NJ

  • Good feel.

    February 2016  ·  Jason in Stamford, CT

  • Very thin and lightweight, while the pattern keeps it from being transparent - great for summer.

    February 2016  ·  Tyler in Wilmette, IL

  • Can be work year round, the color is dark enough for winter and the fabric is light enough for summer.

    February 2016  ·  Andrew in Washington, DC

  • Gingham is somewhat underrated and I\'m a fan of the deep navy on this one.

    January 2016  ·  Stephen in Jersey City, NJ

  • Nice fabric, high quality, not too heave nor too light

    January 2016  ·  Scott in Cashiers, NC

  • It is soft and looks good. The cut isn\'t great and as a short sleeve I went with the wizard and I can\'t wear it. Tried it once but it was the last time I would wear it. Fabric is very nice though

    January 2016  ·  Daniel in San Jose, CA

  • Good looking basic gingham. Fabric has great hand feel.

    January 2016  ·  Chertpong in Huntington Beach, CA

  • It feels great, and looks amazing. I would definitely recommend this fabric.

    January 2016  ·  Brian in PHILADELPHIA, PA

  • Comfortable fabric

    January 2016  ·  Aaron in Portland, OR

  • Great shirt!

    January 2016  ·  Cody in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • work, out, weekend, wear anytime

    December 2015  ·  Matthew in NEW YORK, NJ

  • My first canclini gingham shirt (now I own 3)... Love this shirt. Fits great, feels great and looks great

    December 2015  ·  Brian in Dallas, TX

  • This fabric stretches a bit more than the others

    December 2015  ·  Eugene in New York, NY

  • Great feel. The images on the website are spot on. Definitely worth the upgrade in fabric. I am very happy with this shirt!

    December 2015  ·  Jason in Waterford, MI

  • Perfect Navy gingham dress shirt.

    November 2015  ·  thomas in Mount Kisco, NY

  • a few frayed string in construction were easily fixed with scissors

    October 2015  ·  Steve in New York, NY

  • It\'s the perfect summer fabric for a casual look. I ordered it with the soft cutaway collar and cuffs and it\'s a great look.

    September 2015  ·  Rodrigo in Sherborn, MA

  • Great party shirt!

    September 2015  ·  Abhishek in London, England

  • Soft, strong masculine blue. Definitely feel powerful everytime I wear this!

    September 2015  ·  Lawrence in NAMBOUR, Qld

  • Classic navy gingham in a thin material that is good for warm weather to fall weather. Can be worn informally and also works well with suiting.

    August 2015  ·  Steven in TOWSON, MD

  • Nice shirt. Great for summer

    July 2015  ·  Evan in New York, NY

  • It\'s a perfect fabric for a summer shirt. Light weight without being transparent.

    July 2015  ·  Christopher in New York, NY

  • Very nice hand

    July 2015  ·  Jeffrey in SANTA MONICA, CA

  • Beautiful fabric; the color is great! It looks awesome with mother of pearl buttons. I went for a more casual construction with this one, but it could easily work with stiff cuffs and collar.

    July 2015  ·  Michael in Rochester, MA

  • Classic gingham

    July 2015  ·  Ketan in New York, NY

  • Nice light fabric, that gives a bit and forms to you after a couple wears. Beautiful color and pattern, nice and light for summer without feeling cheap or insubstantial in any way.

    July 2015  ·  Greg in Canton, MA

  • The fabric looks very nice and has a light feel but isn\'t see through. I was at a meeting in 90 degree heat with a sport coat on and amazingly the shirt didn\'t feel overly wet. This may be a property of this fabric which is a plus. The downside is that it wrinkles like crazy in the elbow bend of the arm, which then makes the arm length shorten. For example once put on, the cuff partly shows past the jacket sleeve but within an hour it doesn\'t show anymore do to the hard wrinkles created at the elbow. Maybe ordering the sleeves slightly longer may remedy this not sure.

    July 2015  ·  Craig in Gretna, LA

  • This pattern is great. It\'s lightweight for the summer and feels soft and luxurious.

    July 2015  ·  AJ in Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Very bold yet very versatile. Well made shirt that looks great with gray pants.

    July 2015  ·  Seth in Hoboken, NJ

  • Gingham pattern looks great. The blue is a deep navy. The fabric itself is soft and lightweight but not too light. I like this fabric much more than the lower price point fabrics.

    June 2015  ·  Nick in Boston, MA

  • Great fabric, Good value. Gingham pattern is a perfect medium size. I recommend soft collar, placket and cuffs.

    June 2015  ·  Kyle in AURORA, CO

  • Perfect size gingham pattern and timeless color. Great shirt!

    June 2015  ·  Shawn in Edmond, OK

  • Nice looking fabric. The blue is much darker than it looks on-line. I actually brought the shirt into a very brightly lit room to confirm that the check wasn\'t black. I like it, but to be honest if I had to do it over i would go with a \"lighter\' navy check.

    June 2015  ·  Jonathan in Richmond, VA

  • Best Gingham shirt. Nice light weight. looks amazing with a suite or casual.

    May 2015  ·  Geoffrey in Burlington, Ontario

  • Beautiful fabric, great for summer.

    May 2015  ·  Brett in New York, NY

  • Classic navy gingham with a great hand

    May 2015  ·  David in SEATTLE, WA

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