Canclini Brown Tan Grid Oxford Fabric



Fabric Description

A smooth oxford grid with soft brown and tan coloring. It's smoother and lighter than our heavy oxfords and will get softer the more it's washed. Woven in Italy by Canclini with 80/1 x 80/1 compact construction, it'll look especially good with a Soft Ivy BD and soft 1-button cuff. It's a limited-edition find from Canclini, so it won't be around forever...


Fabric Details

4.5 on 17 Reviews

Recommended by 94%.

  • Color & Pattern 5.0

  • Performance 5.0

  • Very comfortable shirt, enjoy the softness and drape.

    October 2015  ·  Ryan in Goshen, KY

  • Great office fabric and pattern.

    August 2015  ·  Darren in Newport Beach, CA

  • It\'s an unusual color, which I like. It\'s pretty light and soft.

    July 2015  ·  Thomas in New York, NY

  • Hooray for tattersall and tweed.

    July 2015  ·  Karl in Delta, BC

  • I really like this fabric. It is relatively heavy with a nice subtle weave texture, and very soft. Perfect for cooler months. Worth the price.

    April 2015  ·  Jahan in Northville, MI

  • I got this fabric done up in a soft ivy button down collar. Really like it.

    March 2015  ·  Anthony in Chino Hills, CA

  • This is a great medium weight oxford and the two tone brown / orange stripe gives some good character. It looks great with a soft ivy button down collar for business casual or casual Friday dress.

    March 2015  ·  Stephen in HOUSTON, TX

  • Super! Wear it too much. Need to buy more Tattersall.

    October 2014  ·  John in New York, NY

  • Fantastic feel - sturdy and yet light and easy on the skin.

    October 2014  ·  Andy in Rockville, MD

  • Great fall color, looks good for the office or the weekend.

    September 2014  ·  Jeff in New York, NY

  • Nice traditional fall fabric.

    August 2014  ·  Randy in White Bear Lake, MN

  • A little heavier fabric, doesn\'t wrinkle as readily as other shirts but still feels very comfortable.

    July 2014  ·  Jason in Melrose, MA

  • Fabric feels great! looks sharp

    June 2014  ·  James in LAFAYETTE, LA

  • I don\'t know, I haven\'t opened or worn it yet because it was late shipping.

    June 2014  ·  Robert in HOUSTON, TX

  • Very nice, soft.

    June 2014  ·  Alexi in Franklin, MA

  • great fabric perfect for tweed season

    June 2014  ·  Del in Albany, GA

  • Looks just like the photo

    June 2014  ·  David in Houston, TX

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