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Fabric Description

This heavy denim shirting fabric is as casual as it gets. We love the texture of denim--a little slubby and rough out of the box, but gets really soft over time. A true American classic.


Fabric Details

4.5 on 40 Reviews

Recommended by 93%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.5

  • Performance 4.5

  • good

    May 2021  ·  Emmanuel in New Hartford, NY

  • A little too heavy

    May 2019  ·  Zachary in Potomac, MD

  • great for going out

    March 2016  ·  Marshall in Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Fabric is great - denim is actually pretty cool here.

    December 2015  ·  Gary in Ann Arbor, MI

  • Great weight on Fabric and launders well.

    October 2015  ·  WARREN in HOUSTON, TX

  • I wish this would come back... I\'d like to order a new shirt in both this and the black denim version.

    September 2015  ·  Alex in SALT LAKE CITY, UT

  • Heavy for sure, but worth every penny and more!

    August 2015  ·  Nick in Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Not a fan of this fabric. Too rough.

    July 2015  ·  Melissa in San Francisco, CA

  • Substantial without being thick or heavy; took tailored details well. Looks fantastic, a great injection of casual texture to a more formal shirt.

    March 2015  ·  Lindsay in Dallas, TX

  • This fabric has a good feel, although, it is much lighter than the photo would indicate.

    February 2015  ·  Nick in Calgary, Alberta

  • Great with chinos or grey or tan flannel trousers

    January 2015  ·  Tobias in Wayzata, MN

  • Nice quality fabric. Great color and texture. A great staple for my closet.

    January 2015  ·  Mike in Rochester, MN

  • I didn't get the double flap pockets on the front, which was an amateur non-move. I also didn't get soft collar and soft cuffs—two more ball drops. Don't make the mistakes I did. Let this shirt be the best version of itself. It deserves it.

    November 2014  ·  Craig in Bolton, MA

  • soft and great for casual wear.

    October 2014  ·  david in north olmsted, OH

  • Beautiful. Very crisp and cool.

    October 2014  ·  Steven in New York, NY

  • It was thicker than I expected (in a good way), and feels great.

    October 2014  ·  Sean in WASHINGTON, DC

  • I had expected the denim to be darker but overal I really like this fabric. I would place a denim dress shirt in the \"essential\" category and this one fits the bill.

    September 2014  ·  Joshua in HOUSTON, TX

  • really good casual denim, not as think as expected

    August 2014  ·  Robert in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Great weight and finish, if you like denim it is a must have. I thing this is going to age and become even better over time.

    August 2014  ·  Patrick in Toronto, Ontario

  • The deepness of the blue is not as dark as depicted online. Still a great denim colour but if you\'re looking for a deeper navy then maybe try another fabric. The weight of the denim, in my opinion, is fantastic, a nice weight that\'s not to heavy. Perfect for me as I find heavy weight denim shirts are too warm. Delivered nice and crisp, I imagine after a couple of wears and washes it will break in nicely. Contrast brown horn buttons are perfect. The pocket, if you order one, gets drowned out in the rest of the fabric, perhaps a darker stitching would make it stand out more? Overall, incredibly happy with the fabric and fit.

    August 2014  ·  Niko in Toronto, Ontario

  • Good for the price.

    August 2014  ·  yutai in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • This Denim is terrific! Random striations give it style above and beyond regular denim. Nice weight for cooler weather. Got it back from the laundry today... looks great. (I highly recommend \'black\' buttons, which actually are a dark steel blue gray.)

    August 2014  ·  JOHN in EUGENE, OR

  • The color and feel were spot on, love it!

    August 2014  ·  Smith in Leonia, NJ

  • A little stiff--in a good way. Very attractive fabric. Goes well with black jeans.

    August 2014  ·  Sam in Andalusia, PA

  • This fabric is mid-weight and suitable for cooler weather, basically fall through spring. It has a solid feel and is soft and comfortable to wear. It does have a tendency to show some wrinkles when worn, but this only adds to the casual feel.

    July 2014  ·  Larry in Seattle, WA

  • like the fabric. a little stiffer than others so the fit isn\'t exactly the same.

    July 2014  ·  Alan in DURHAM, NC

  • This is a beautiful fabric with an amazing intensity not highlighted in the pictures. Very soft, lightweight, but thick enough to feel like that soft pair of jeans. Excellent.

    July 2014  ·  Gil in New York, NY

  • Perfect for a colder weather!

    July 2014  ·  David in San Francisco, CA

  • The horizontal pattern adds some needed width to a slim silhouette. This balanced proportion of length versus girth is always desirable.

    June 2014  ·  Ted in Laguna Niguel, CA

  • Nice but more of a standard denim. Like something military-issue, etc. Durable. Nice classic color.

    June 2014  ·  Nathan in BALTIMORE, MD

  • Grat casual fabric with that denimy slub to it. Perfect for layering.

    May 2014  ·  Chris in Prince, NY

  • Great week end fabric. Got this one with the Colorado DB for my new favorite casual shit.

    May 2014  ·  louis in montreal, qc

  • Nice weight, great color depth, and a comfortable hand.

    April 2014  ·  Nathaniel in Washington, DC

  • A little odd hand to the fabric. I love the color but not quite as heavy as you might expect for a casual shirt.

    April 2014  ·  christopher in Chicago, IL

  • The fabric is great, but it\'s a bit shinier than expected. I was expecting more of a matte denim look. Regardless, it makes for a great going out shirt.

    April 2014  ·  Ian in New York, NY

  • Great true denim fabric. Looks like it will fade nicely as i wear it.

    April 2014  ·  John in Long Island City, NY

  • nice look

    April 2014  ·  Ken in RIDGEWOOD, NJ

  • Great for a casual shirt. Lightweight for denim.

    March 2014  ·  Andrew in Los Angeles, CA

  • Fabric is heavy but soft. Colour is a bit darker than I expected but still very nice. Looks great with the soft president cutaway!

    March 2014  ·  Nathaniel in Edmonton, Alberta

  • Great!

    March 2014  ·  Gregory in Evergreen, CO

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