Blue Cotton Linen Stripe Fabric



Fabric Description

A summery cotton/linen blend that'll breathe a little better on a warm day than a traditional cotton fabric. The looser weave of the linen gives the fabric a bit more texture, but since it's 70% cotton it can still be dressed up easily. That pinch of linen woven in also gives it just a little bit of the naturally imperfect slub that linen is known for.


Fabric Details

4.7 on 59 Reviews

Recommended by 97%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.5

  • Performance 4.6

  • High quality fabric.

    December 2021  ·  Jacob in Regency, VA

  • Little bit on the casual side. Cuffs look a bit tired even when freshly pressed

    September 2017  ·  James in Sparks, MD

  • great casual summer shirt

    July 2017  ·  Andrew in Venice, CA

  • Nice colour, the stripe is a bit narrow for a more casual fabric. Also the linen doesn't seem as noticeable as I was hoping, it looks and feels more like plain cotton than other linen blends I've worn.

    July 2017  ·  Tim in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • This shirt is my girlfriends favorite. I usually end up with her makeup all over it and I can't keep her off of me when I wear it

    November 2016  ·  Paul in SAN ANTONIO, TX

  • Very light summer fabric. Perfect for hot summer days.

    October 2016  ·  Stephen in Brisbane, QLD

  • Great summer stripe.

    August 2016  ·  Patrick in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Didn't really feel like linen to me. Somewhat disappointed.

    June 2016  ·  Jeremy in Greenwood Village, CO

  • Great shirt very comfy

    September 2015  ·  Ed in Graton, CA

  • A classic. A must have in any closet.

    July 2015  ·  KENNETH in Portland, OR

  • Great feel and value. Overall excellent fit.

    April 2015  ·  Chris in Newtown Square, PA

  • Soft - Very Comfortable

    April 2015  ·  Tony in Tiffin, OH

  • The color and pattern are quite nice. It\'s very lightweight and comfortable; great for summer. I wish it had a bit more linen like texture; it\'s very smooth. My fit is a bit tight and the fabric tends to wrinkle around the chest area. I ordered it with soft collar, cuffs and placket … but i think i\'d like it better with a bit more structure. Fused cuffs & collar, with a french placket would have been ideal.

    March 2015  ·  Robert in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • perfect summer shirt

    March 2015  ·  Michael in Bronxville, NY

  • I love this cloth, it\'s a more formal than most linen. Looks great with a cashmere tie and a casual jacket.

    February 2015  ·  John in dubai,

  • Great for summer.

    January 2015  ·  scott in Bountiful, UT

  • Beautiful sky blue color. Lightweight fabric. Great for summer with shorts or jeans. Great value as well.

    December 2014  ·  Pedram in Kings Point, NY

  • Love the softness but will not hold size, it immediately gets sloppy. More like a pajama shirt. I\'ll give to me wife for a nightshirt.

    November 2014  ·  Dale in Lakeland, FL

  • Really light fabric almost sheer but the stripes help keep it from being see-through.

    November 2014  ·  Michael in Kowloon,

  • Love the look

    November 2014  ·  Chris in Colorado Springs, CO

  • These cotton linens are awesome. Cool but don\'t overly wrinkle. Awesome summer shirt.

    November 2014  ·  Joel in Sherman, CT

  • Nice, simple, casual fabric.

    October 2014  ·  Lucas in Boston, MA

  • would order again

    October 2014  ·  Eddie in West Bloomfield, MI

  • Very lightweight fabric, perfect for hot weather. Smoother texture than most linens.

    October 2014  ·  Jeff in Palo Alto, CA

  • Great fabric for warm weather.

    September 2014  ·  Rob in New York, NY

  • really thin love it, is the one i wear the most. can\'t get tire of it.

    September 2014  ·  Milton in Cypress, TX

  • Feels and looks very light. allows you to move and breath. Looks great with any style.

    September 2014  ·  Mike in DUXBURY, MA

  • light but durable. very thin but not transparent. very cool summer fabric. does not wrinkly as easily as other linens

    August 2014  ·  Joseph in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • This is a really nice shirt. Just the right blend of cotton and linen to give it a casual summer feel without it looking like a beach-only shirt. I wear it casually to the office. Very breathable and not particularly wrinkly.

    August 2014  ·  Kirk in KINGSPORT, TN

  • Great fabric for a reasonable price.

    August 2014  ·  Scott in New York, NY

  • Very light weight, good to wear with shorts and sleeves rolled up.

    August 2014  ·  Tucker in Charlestown, MA

  • Light, soft, very nice!

    August 2014  ·  Andrew in Arlington, VA

  • This is great. It breathes

    August 2014  ·  Jeffrey in Los Angeles, CA

  • Good stuff. Light weight, but not translucuent. Gets the linen wrinklyness, which I like.

    August 2014  ·  Jimmy in Durham, NC

  • I was honestly a bit underwhelmed with this fabric when I first got it. It doesn\'t have enough linen to be really slubby and interesting, but it does have a bit more texture than a regular poplin. It does wrinkle a bit, but that\'s to be expected. It\'s also very light and a bit transparent. However, I was very impressed when I put it on. It is by far the coolest-wearing shirt I\'ve ever owned. It goes great with the soft collar, cuffs and placket. I like the combination of the (relatively) conservative pattern with casual details. Very lightweight and cool fabric, but a bit less interesting than I was expecting.

    August 2014  ·  Bill in Hobson, MT

  • Softest shirt I\'ve ever owned! Perfect for the summer but will still work in the winter under a sweater. I\'m getting more in the some different colors.

    August 2014  ·  Neil in Chicago, IL

  • Lovely summer fabric, very airy and light but with a smooth touch. Doesn\'t wrinkle, look, or feel like linen except for some slubbiness. Somewhat sheer. Update: after two summer\'s wear, this is now a favourite warm weather shirt. It combines the breeziness of linen with the structure of cotton (ie, it doesn\'t wrinkle too much but it breathes a lot). Terrific.

    August 2014  ·  Robert in Windsor, ON

  • nice light blue striped shirt, light fabric, good for warmer temps, a bit see through

    August 2014  ·  James in Flushing, NY

  • Great fabric

    July 2014  ·  ALEX in New York, NY

  • This is a great shirt for summer. Can be dressed up or down and received numerous compliments on its look with the soft roma collar.

    July 2014  ·  Charles in Toronto, Ontario

  • The fabric is quite nice. I expected it to have more of a linen-y feel, but it is much more like a better breathing cotton. Looking back at the description of the fabric, I think that is actually conveyed pretty well, I just didn\'t realize it at the time. I would definitely recommend it to a friend (and already have).

    July 2014  ·  Timothy in New York, NY

  • Good, but very thin, so it\'s a little see-through unless you wear an undershirt, and the shirt has very little body. Nice for the summer, though I like to starch it up. The linen look is very subtle - in fact, you can probably only tell it\'s linen by touch, not by sight.

    July 2014  ·  Tom in Atlanta, GA

  • love it

    July 2014  ·  Victor in Oakhurst, NJ

  • Very comfortable and lightweight fabric for summer

    July 2014  ·  Andrew in Toronto, Ontario

  • Great fabric, I will purchase it again in different colors! It does wear more like a cotton shirt than a 100% linen shirt in that it holds sweat more and the wrinkles are not a crisp as on a 100% linen shirt. That said it breathes nicely and if you want to dress it up with a stiffer collar it can be very versatile.

    July 2014  ·  Conrad in New York, NY

  • Great, light weight fabric. Slightly see through, but only slightly. Great for summer!

    July 2014  ·  Luke in Boulder, CO

  • Great summer fabric.More cotton than linen, but actually a very nice mix of both.

    June 2014  ·  Joe in New York, NY

  • One of the best fabrics i\'ve purchased from Proper Cloth. Very lightweight. Can be dressed up casually or in business setting.

    June 2014  ·  Jeff in New York, NY

  • Good fabric.

    June 2014  ·  Diego in DENVER, CO

  • Very nice and summery - perfect for both work and play. Looking forward to higher linen blends.

    June 2014  ·  Alexi in Franklin, MA

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