Blue and Light Blue Mosaic Print Fabric

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Fabric Description

Lightweight blue fabric with a cool Japanese inspired mosaic print in light blue. The subtle design is great for a fun take on a minimalist aesthetic. Perfect for casual, sporty styles.


Fabric Details

4.5 on 55 Reviews

Recommended by 96%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.3

  • I've gotten lots of compliments on this shirt and it has become one of my go-to going out shirts. Pairs great with dark jeans.

    June 2019  ·  Max in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Really handsome.

    May 2019  ·  Zachary in Potomac, MD

  • I love the color and pattern on this shirt. The blue has started to fade a bit but looked great for this first couple years.

    May 2018  ·  Jeremy in SAN DIEGO, CA

  • Nice shirt

    April 2018  ·  Robert in Franklin, TN

  • Another winner from Proper Cloth. Gorgeous material. Pattern is quietly elegant and works for dress and casual wear.

    August 2017  ·  ciaran in Brooklyn, NY

  • Love the feel of this fabric - very soft and holds the color even after dozens of washes.

    March 2017  ·  Scott in Redlands, CA

  • Great going out shirt.

    January 2017  ·  Charles in New York, NY

  • Very light fabric. Color has stayed bright. Unique and fun design. Want more of these types of shirts!

    July 2016  ·  Nikhil in Birmingham, MI

  • I wear this with suits and ties; it takes a little thought to make the shirt work — the pattern is a little casual. Slight sheen to the material, but not egregious.

    June 2016  ·  Jonathan in North Tarrytown, NY

  • Unique look. Please bring it back!

    June 2016  ·  Mary in Greenville, NC

  • This has become my favourite casual shirt - looking for the same fabric in other patterns

    April 2016  ·  John in Toronto, ON

  • Very nice

    April 2016  ·  Bijon in Rutherford, NJ

  • Love the design but the fabric is to be expected for the price. The cloth is rough and stiff with a crunchy feel, and will wrinkle quickly. The material is pretty average.

    March 2016  ·  gabe in Houston, TX

  • Fabric itself was decent, good for the value.

    March 2016  ·  John in Brooklyn, NY

  • This fabric shrinks very little after laundering. It breaths nicely, so in the hot spring or summer it won\'t make you sweat like a pig. It also holds it fabrication well by not pilling or fading. You will need to look close to distinguish the stars from the circles, so pay attention to who can tell the difference.

    March 2016  ·  David in West Point, NE

  • Such a fun pattern for a swanky night on the town!

    March 2016  ·  Rodney in Juneau, AK

  • Lightweight and breezy with a touch of whimsy. Useful under layers or let it stand on its own- its a multi-tasker.

    March 2016  ·  Ronald in Rock Island, IL

  • Great pattern, great color. Not the most luxurious feel, but makes up into a great casual shirt.

    February 2016  ·  Sean in DAVIS, CA

  • This appears to be a really good resilient fabric, I wish it was available in more colorways. One surprise is that the print is only on one side of the fabric, Which provides a bit of an accent to the completed shirt. However, it does not feel as breathable as up some other fabrics.

    February 2016  ·  Michael in San Francisco, CA

  • Fabric looks great.

    February 2016  ·  Towns in CHARLOTTE, NC

  • Excellent value. Breathable. Soft to the touch. Can be worn with no undershirt very comfortably yet stays crisp after hours of wear.

    February 2016  ·  Scott in Franklin, TN

  • Love it

    February 2016  ·  john in Westfield, NJ

  • Excellent fabric and interesting pattern, but hard to match a tie to this one. Nice dress-casual shirt with a simple brown jacket and jeans.

    January 2016  ·  Joseph in HOUSTON, TX

  • Another fun fabric for casually going out or for casual Friday a work. The blue was brighter than I expected from the website, but it\'s still a very good looking shirt.

    December 2015  ·  David in Danville, CA

  • Like the pattern.

    December 2015  ·  Charles in Cambridge, MA

  • Smart casual with a hint of shine.

    November 2015  ·  Tim in Calgary, AB

  • The material was a bit thinner than I was expecting, though that might be just because I tend to purchase mostly business wear rather than \"casual\" shirts. The design is unique and will definitely be one of my go-tos in my closet going forward!

    October 2015  ·  Julian in Bridgewater, NJ

  • forgot my initials

    October 2015  ·  Ron in New York, NY

  • This has a nice feel and good color

    October 2015  ·  Ed in LOS ANGELES, CA

  • This is an incredibly soft fabric. Not much structure to it -- feels almost like pajamas, but in a good way. Perfect for a hot day. Very cool, retro pattern.

    October 2015  ·  Andrew in New York, NY

  • I really like both color and pattern

    October 2015  ·  Hans in Saratoga, CA

  • The fabric is great! The look is stylish! I love this shirt!

    October 2015  ·  Brian in New York, NY

  • Nice pattern but could be a little bit softer. Also only one-sided.

    October 2015  ·  Noah in New York, NY

  • I really like this shirt. Simple, but with depth. Would buy additional shirts with this pattern depending on the color scheme.

    September 2015  ·  Joshua in Mays Landing, NJ

  • Pattern is interesting change from regular blue shirting.

    September 2015  ·  Mark in Los Angeles, CA

  • Good take on the casual blue.

    September 2015  ·  Jonathan in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • feel is a bit scratchy (hopefully will soften with washing

    September 2015  ·  Jeffrey in New York, NY

  • Just as expected. It looks great and a great value.

    September 2015  ·  Julian C in McAllen, TX

  • Very light and soft, love this one

    August 2015  ·  James in Irvine, CA

  • Absolutely gorgeous. Combined this with the horn buttons and front flap pockets on a slightly casual but stylish shirt.

    August 2015  ·  ryan in charlotte, NC

  • Good quality

    July 2015  ·  John in North Bend, OR

  • great dress casual print

    July 2015  ·  Lance in El Segundo, CA

  • Great long or short sleeve. Dress up or casual. Pairs with shorts, khakis or jeans.

    July 2015  ·  Michael in Summit, NJ

  • Overall great fabric!

    July 2015  ·  Anant in Chicago, IL

  • Fantastic print and relatively light for summer wear.

    July 2015  ·  Nic in New York, NY

  • Classic.

    July 2015  ·  Bruce in Ajax, Ontario

  • Love this print!

    July 2015  ·  Nicholas in Grapevine, TX

  • Very nice pattern.

    June 2015  ·  Alexander in New York, NY

  • Unique pattern, many compliments!

    June 2015  ·  John in East Islip, NY

  • Great color,perfect for summer.

    June 2015  ·  Rick in Tinton Falls, NJ

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