Black Japanese Flower Print Fabric



Fabric Description

A great micro flower print reminiscent of Japanese block printing. The black base fabric has a dryness to it and is not too shiny. The print is in white and light grey and has a faded appeal to it that is perfect for a casual shirt.


Fabric Details

4.5 on 44 Reviews

Recommended by 86%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.3

  • This is a pretty fabric, but it shrunk more than any other shirt I have purchased. It's not as much a part of my rotation as I had hoped.

    December 2016  ·  Alan in San Francisco, CA

  • I love the pattern. The cloth is more stiff and less breathable than I'd prefer, though it does cut down on wrinkling.

    October 2016  ·  Jeremy in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Beautiful pattern . Nice going out shift. Doesn't wrinkle

    September 2016  ·  Shabbir in S Barrington, IL

  • made for a good short-sleeve shirt

    June 2016  ·  Nick in Lumberville, PA

  • Good for a night out on the town.

    April 2016  ·  Nabil in Sylvan Lake, AB

  • Its a lightweight fabric but it looks gorgeous and has a very appealing print.

    March 2016  ·  deric in Oceanside, CA

  • Such a great pattern, it gets compliments everywhere I am seen in it!

    March 2016  ·  Rodney in Juneau, AK

  • Great unique print for casual wear.

    February 2016  ·  Garrett in Denver, CO

  • Good wearable shirt

    February 2016  ·  Louis in Austin, TX

  • Unique pattern, looks great with a basic black blazer or a black sweater. Fabric was not quite as soft as I expected it to be, but still really like the shirt.

    November 2015  ·  Ted in Denver, CO

  • i wish the pattern continued inside so when i roll my sleeves up it matches

    November 2015  ·  Alex in New York, NY

  • Beautiful fabric, great value.

    October 2015  ·  Kenneth in AUBURN, CA

  • It\'s a little too tightly woven for my taste, but it\'s sharp. Looks like black from across the room, up close it\'s really nice and the pattern isn\'t hard to look at, at all.

    October 2015  ·  Andrew in Dundas, Ontario

  • Love it - my favorite fabric

    October 2015  ·  Perry in Kennesaw, GA

  • Not a fan of this one. I took a flyer on it and it wasn\'t for me.

    October 2015  ·  Lynford in Florham Park, NJ

  • It was a lot rougher than I was expecting. It is nice looking but it is a very coarse material

    October 2015  ·  Jason in Houston, TX

  • Quite dark but great touch

    October 2015  ·  Ed in LOS ANGELES, CA

  • The pattern is subtle and beautiful, and I love the autumnal colors that blend black, grey and brown. The fabric is on the heavy side and looks sharp after hours of use. This is the kind of fabric one doesn\'t find easily, and I\'ve received so many compliments when I wear it.

    October 2015  ·  Andrew in New York, NY

  • Nice floral print. The hand feel is not as soft as other fabrics, but is still lovely.

    October 2015  ·  Christopher in New York, NY

  • This shirt is surprisingly more colorful and busy the closer you get to it. A shirt that I will be wearing soon.

    September 2015  ·  Joshua in Mays Landing, NJ

  • Unique print that can traverse casual to dressy. I can wear it under a suit without a tie or with pants alone.

    September 2015  ·  christopher in Lakeland, FL

  • I will for sure get lucky in this shirt. It is so attractive that even thigh I\'m only a solid 7, I can pull off an 8.5 wearing this.

    September 2015  ·  Scott in Elmhurst, IL

  • I think this is fun, it\'s light and very comfortable - easy to wear with jeans or more formally

    August 2015  ·  Simon in Montecito, CA

  • A nice alternative to blues and whites. The small print gives it an overall deep grey effect.

    August 2015  ·  Barry in New York, NY

  • fantastic fabric, lots of compliments on this one!

    July 2015  ·  Roman in BROOKLYN, NY

  • Nice fabric

    July 2015  ·  John in North Bend, OR

  • Beautiful and elegant

    July 2015  ·  William in Providence Forge, VA

  • .

    July 2015  ·  David in Cortlandt Manor, NY

  • Great looking shirt for a night on the town

    July 2015  ·  RICHARD in SHARPSBURG, GA

  • Very distinct and bold pattern

    July 2015  ·  David in San Francisco, CA

  • Nice pattern

    July 2015  ·  Kenneth in Warren, NJ

  • Classic.

    July 2015  ·  Bruce in Ajax, Ontario

  • Beautiful print. Feels great, even on a summer night

    June 2015  ·  Thomas in Naperville, IL

  • A little heavier than expected. Great looking pattern. A bit scratchy at the collar. Consider a lined collar in a softer fabric.

    June 2015  ·  Sascha in San Francisco, CA

  • Nice material for business casual shirt.

    June 2015  ·  Michael in Houston, TX

  • Love this fabric. nice and light for spring. Probably my go-to shirt for summer evenings out.

    June 2015  ·  Eric in Monroe, WA

  • Great fabric

    June 2015  ·  Munish in Aldie, VA

  • The look of the shirt was good, bu the frabic was not something I would want again

    May 2015  ·  Paul in Loxley, AL

  • Oh-so nice!

    May 2015  ·  Ted in Laguna Niguel, CA

  • Great shirt. Love the look.

    May 2015  ·  peter in DALLAS, TX

  • Lightweight, awesome pattern, real eye catcher

    May 2015  ·  Jerad in Okotoks, Alberta

  • Great pattern and design

    May 2015  ·  Jimmy in Washington, DC

  • Great!

    May 2015  ·  Ryan in Lawrenceburg, TN

  • The fabric is great. It was a bit stiffer than I expected but it felt great on the skin and the pattern was as I expected. It\'s too bad this type of print is limited edition since I really do like the way it drapes and fits.

    May 2015  ·  Takuya in Westlake, OH

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