Albini Light Blue Striped Seersucker Fabric



Fabric Description

A luxurious striped seersucker from Italy’s renowned Albini mill. There’s nothing quite like a fine seersucker fabric to get you through the dog days of summer. Widely worn in the hot, muggy South, seersucker’s special uneven puckering gives it less surface area contact with the skin, increasing airflow under the shirt and allowing heat to dissipate more quickly. This classic version comes to you in a beautiful, seasonally appropriate light blue and white striped colorway, and it’s perfect for everything from the beach to post-work drinks. Wear it as an untucked short sleeve shirt with shorts, or dress it up with a navy suit and tie.

Recommended Styling: A Soft President Spread or Soft Ivy Button Down collar are classic styles that never fail. Note that due to the special nature of seersucker fabrics, they can only be made using soft, unfused collars, cuffs, and fronts/plackets.


Fabric Details

4.9 on 77 Reviews

Recommended by 99%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.9

  • Performance 4.9

  • Beautiful and authentic fabric, although I did not find it breathable/cool enough for wearing outside in the South this summer.

    October 2022  ·  Lucas in Rincon, GA

  • Not particularly opaque, but awesome summer shirt nonetheless.

    June 2022  ·  Nate in Brooklyn, NY

  • Surprisingly doesn't wrinkle, a classic seersucker

    June 2022  ·  Lonnie in Ukiah, CA

  • great color seersucker

    May 2022  ·  GLEN in Dallas, TX

  • Perfect for summer

    May 2022  ·  Kevin in Chester, NJ

  • Very good lightweight summer shirt. Showed up exactly as pictured in photos.

    April 2022  ·  Dustin in Squamish, BC

  • Light fabric without being transparent. Gorgeous seersucker texture. Exactly as advertised.

    April 2022  ·  Matthew in San Francisco, CA

  • Nice summer fabric

    April 2022  ·  Rick in Tinton Falls, NJ

  • I like this. Just wore it for Easter. Perfect.

    April 2022  ·  Bruce in Newberry, FL

  • Great summerly fabric.

    April 2022  ·  Michael in New York, NY

  • Excellent choice for a summer shirt.

    April 2022  ·  Richard in Helsinki,

  • Classic seersucker

    March 2022  ·  Taylor in BROOKLINE, MA

  • .

    March 2022  ·  Nelson in Doral, FL

  • Great summer shirt

    January 2022  ·  stu in Toronto, On

  • Very happy with this shirt. Seersucker is great quality and color is what you would expect

    December 2021  ·  Drew in Annapolis, MD

  • A great seersucker with a brighter blue and white pattern.

    December 2021  ·  Jimmy in SAN JOSE, CA

  • Great

    December 2021  ·  Matthew in Webster Groves, MO

  • Light, feels good in humidity, it was more textured than expected.

    December 2021  ·  John in Singapore,

  • Very nice

    December 2021  ·  Farzad in IRVINE, CA

  • the perfect seersucker- great shade of blue and the thinner stripes make it a bit dressier than normal

    October 2021  ·  David in New York, NY

  • Supple

    October 2021  ·  James in Houston, TX

  • This is a great looking shirt, i'm going to order it with long sleeves

    September 2021  ·  Ralph in Rockville Center, NY

  • Beautiful fabric even after many hours

    September 2021  ·  Henrik in Aalborg, Aalborg

  • Beautiful, lightweight, breathable fabric

    August 2021  ·  Ben in New York, NY

  • this material not for me

    August 2021  ·  Je in Humble, TX

  • Excellent material for a warm day. Wirh a camp collar, it's reminiscent of James Bond in Thunderball.

    August 2021  ·  Jerry in PHILA, PA

  • The seersucker fabrics that Proper Cloth provide are very good. If you like seersucker then this is a great fabric.

    July 2021  ·  Richard in Gig Harbor, WA

  • Fabric softeness

    July 2021  ·  KAYARDA in MONTGOMERY, AL

  • Great summer material. Highly recommend.

    June 2021  ·  Mark in New York, NY

  • Beautiful fabric, very crisp. Doesn't have a lot of stretch but still comfortable for a hot muggy summer in the South

    June 2021  ·  Ayan in NEW ORLEANS, LA

  • The fabric is so light and breathable. Love it for the summer.

    June 2021  ·  Corey in New York, NY

  • Exactly what you'd want. Great fabric- light, elegant, versatile.

    June 2021  ·  Dylan in NORWALK, CT

  • Seersucker done right! This is the iconic blue and white stripe pattern that feels nice to the skin.

    June 2021  ·  Kevin in AUSTIN, TX

  • Great shirt

    June 2021  ·  John in VENICE, FL

  • Excellent fabric that dries without ironing, perfect summer shirt

    May 2021  ·  Ko in London,

  • Having never worn seersucker I was very impressed with the comfort during the heat wave experienced here lately. Absolutely on of my favourites!

    May 2021  ·  Chris in Burlington, ON

  • The best seersucker fabric I've ever seen. It feels luxurious, very fresh. Easy to dress down or up with a blazer.

    May 2021  ·  Vincenzo in Pearland, TX

  • nice

    May 2021  ·  Wentworth in Miami, FL

  • Very good quality fabric

    April 2021  ·  Ender in NEW YORK, NY

  • Very nice, the puckering is more pronounced when compared to the Portuguese versions FYI.

    March 2021  ·  Stephen in Waxhaw, NC

  • Very nice summer seersucker shirt !

    March 2021  ·  Daniel in Tienhoven, utrecht

  • This is a very beautiful classic Seersucker. The best I have ever seen.

    March 2021  ·  Gregory in CINCINNATI, OH

  • Best fabric for summer. Good looking and light.

    March 2021  ·  Yves in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

  • this is ideal shirt for me live it a hot climate. needs to be available in other colors and solids

    March 2021  ·  Greg in Naples, FL

  • Bit thicker and thus hotter than I expected, but still great quality. More of a spring shirt, not summer shirt.

    November 2020  ·  Will in VIENNA, VA

  • Great texture and perfect weight.

    November 2020  ·  Martin in Lahaina, HI

  • Love it. Received compliments, one in particular from an important person.

    October 2020  ·  David in North Riverside, IL

  • Unique and classy!

    October 2020  ·  David in Kamloops, BC

  • perfect for Hawaii, where I live.

    October 2020  ·  stephen in Kirkland, WA

  • Looking forward to wearing this over summer with white shorts and pants

    September 2020  ·  Chris in Mossman Park, Western Australia

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