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Experience the incredible softness and warmth of premium Scottish cashmere.

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Todd & Duncan Scottish Cashmere

This is the good stuff. With 150 years of experience spinning premium cashmere, Todd & Duncan has become synonymous with the highest quality cashmere production. They combine their uncompromising approach to raw cashmere with an incredible wealth of knowledge, respect for the environment, and dedication to ethical sourcing.

Fawn Cashmere Crewneck

Better Yarns = Better Sweaters

There are two main rules in cashmere: "The longer the fiber, the stronger the yarn" and "The thinner the fiber, the softer the yarn." With this in mind, Todd & Duncan sources the best extra-long staple cashmere fibers—37mm in length—and some of the thinnest fibers—a maximum of 15.9 microns in width. The result is cashmere renowned for its durability and anti-pilling performance that retains the incredibly soft feel the material is known for.

Timeless Design

With a subtle jersey stitch and pared-back detailing, our pure cashmere sweaters fit into any wardrobe. The narrow ribbing around the collar, cuff, and waist give them a minimal appeal that allows the premium cashmere to take center stage.

We use melange yarns for a heathered look that’s understated and undeniably cool. These are sweaters that can be worn over a t-shirt with jeans one day and dressed up with a sport coat the next.

A Range of Colors and Styles

V-Necks, crewnecks, turtlenecks, and half-zips. Over 20 different colors. Available in sizes from XXS to 3XL.

Crewneck Cashemere Sweater in 14 Colors


In 14 colors

Crewneck Turtleneck Sweater in 5 Colors


In 5 colors

V-Neck Cashemere Sweater in 6 Colors


In 6 colors

Half Zip Cashemere Sweater in 5 Colors


In 5 colors

Hoodie Cashemere Sweater in 4 Colors


In 4 colors

Navy Cashmere Half-Zip Sweater

The Perfect Slim Fit

With a slim (but not skinny) fit, these sweaters hug the body in a flattering way. A few seasons of experimentation brought us to this ideal balance between a slim and classic silhouette that’s perfect for wearing on its own or layered up over one of our custom shirts.