How to Choose a Dress Shirt Cuff Style

All of the little details count, so consider the various cuff options when designing a dress shirt. Below is a breakdown of the decisions you can make. Barrel Cuff vs French Cuff The first step is to decide if you’d like to … Continue reading

Dress Shirt Collar Styles

A shirt without a collar is like a house without a roof. Nobody wants a house without a roof. But choosing a collar style can be difficult if you’re not aware of your options. In this post we’ve broken down … Continue reading

The Perfect Wedding Dress Shirt

The Big Day is coming up and you need to look your best. You’ll never have as many friends around, or as many photos taken, as you will on your wedding day, and there’s no doubt you’ll want to look … Continue reading

Dress Shirt Front Placket Types

Dress shirts generally come with a few different options for the front placket. Front Placket (Fused or Soft) A dress shirt Front placket is the most common dress shirt front style. The fabric is folded back over and sewn with … Continue reading