Style Advice (32)

Cutaway Collar vs Spread Collar

Cutaway Collar vs Spread Collar For a bolder look, one might want to consider a cutaway collar in addition to the more popular spread collar. On the cutaway, the collar points will finish even farther apart … Read

President Spread Collar vs Londoner Collar

Difference between the President Spread and Londoner Collar The President Spread is less spread than the Londoner collar and a little bit taller at the front collar band as well as at the back of the … Read

President Button Down vs Soft Ivy vs Colorado BD

Differences between the President, Soft Ivy, and Colorado Button Down Collars The Soft Ivy Button Down and President Button Down are taller button down collar styles. They both have some “roll” to them, that trademark bowing … Read

Point Collar vs Semi Spread Collar

Semi Spread Collar (above left) vs Point Collar (above right) These are both traditional dress shirt options, with the biggest difference being the difference in collar spread. The Semi Spread Collar has points that finish 4″ … Read

Soft Collars

While crisp, fused collars have dominated the landscape over the last 70 or so years, all collars used to be made using unfused construction before the 1950s. Some of the best shirtmakers in the world have … Read

How to Choose a Dress Shirt Cuff Style

All of the little details count, so consider the various cuff options when designing a dress shirt. Below is a breakdown of the decisions you can make. Barrel Cuff vs French Cuff The first step is to decide … Read

Dress Shirt Collar Styles

A shirt without a collar is like a house without a roof. Nobody wants a house without a roof. But choosing a collar style can be difficult if you’re not aware of your options. In this … Read

What to Wear to a Business School Interview

Maybe you want to pursue social entrepreneurship and end hunger in Africa? Maybe you want to improve your quantitative finance and team building skills so you can increase the value you deliver to clients? Or maybe … Read

The Perfect Wedding Dress Shirt

The Big Day is coming up and you need to look your best. You’ll never have as many friends around, or as many photos taken, as you will on your wedding day, and there’s no doubt … Read

Dress Shirt Front Placket Types

Dress shirts generally come with a few different options for the front placket. Front Placket (Fused or Soft) A dress shirt Front placket is the most common dress shirt front style. The fabric is folded back … Read