The Western Shirt: History and Style

The Western Shirt embodies the classic American southwest look with a pointed, stylized yoke extending over the front and back of the shoulders as a staple. Dual pockets on the chest always come in handy and functional snap buttons finish the look.

Fabrics for Western Shirts

Western Style Details including the Western Front, Western Yoke, Western Flap Pockets, and Snap Buttons can be applied to any fabric in most any combination. Typically, casual chambray and denim fabrics are the base for Western shirts, but textured plain weave fabrics with similar heft are also recommended. Casual soft collars and cuffs are common, but you can order the designs of your choice to combine with the Western Style Details.

Denim Dress Shirt Fabric

Ordering a Western Shirt

Using the Design-A-Shirt tool, first select the fabric of your choice. From the Style tab, select your desired Collar and Cuff design. A Soft Point Collar is the perfect option for achieving that classic Western shirt look.

western shirt - add a soft point collar

Then, skip to Front options and choose Western Front:

western shirt - add western front option

Make sure Yoke is set to Western Yoke as well to complete the look.

western shirt - add western yoke option

Head to Buttons and add the Snaps.

western shirt - add snap buttons

(Optional) Western Flap Pockets are recommended, but you can always specify your preference here as well.

western shirt - add western pocket option