Which Shirt Collars Work with Your Face Shape

An Overview

You might be the sort of guy who likes to think how dress shirt collars works with the shape of your face. While this is by no means the only way to think, we want to explain how to choose your collar style with this approach.

For a Longer Face

Those with longer, thinner faces might want a collar that will visually widen their face. That’s why a long face might look best with a spread collar–the longer and thinner the face, the more spread the collar.

Spread Collar

For a Rounder Face

A rounder face can be best complimented by a less spread, or point collar as this can make the face seem visually longer.

Point Collar

Collar Point Length

When most guys talk about collar “size,” they often are referring to the length of the collar points. Generally, larger guys look best in collars with longer points as it proportionally compliments their stature. Shorter guys might want to consider going with a shirt that has shorter points, so that it leaves them looking slightly taller.

Consider Neck Length

Another consideration to take into account is the height of the collar itself. Usually, if you have a longer neck you might want to consider a collar with a taller collar band. Conversely, those with shorter necks can think about getting a collar with a shorter, standard height collar band, as it will make the neck look proportionally longer.

Caveat Emptor

While there are many in the menswear industry that like to talk about rules of style, we tend not to be as hard and fast with what one “should” or “shouldn’t” wear. At a certain point, collar styles are a matter of preference and you should select the collar that gives you the look you’re going for. If this means you like a cutaway collar and have a very round face, then don’t hesitate to wear your cutaway collar–you’ll always look your best when you’re confident in your clothes.