Collar Does Not Stand up When Unbuttoned

Dress Shirt Collar Stands Up

Dress Shirt Collar Standing Up

Problem description

You have visions of wearing your shirt open collar and looking as sharp as Clooney/Pitt/Beckham, but for some reason your collar isn’t on the same page. It’s sliding down rather than standing straight up.

The Solution

A few tweaks to your Saved Custom Shirt Size can help alleviate this issue. Employing these in combination will definitely improve your collar’s ability to stand up strong when unbuttoned.

  1. Apply the Neck Forward posture adjustment to ensure the back of the collar aligns with the back of your neck for support.
  2. Raise the Top Button Placement to rein in how wide the collar can spread when unbuttoned.
  3. Double-Check that the correct Shoulder Slope, Yoke Width, and Chest size are applied. If the upper chest is too tight or the shoulder slope doesn’t match your build, this will have adverse effects on the collar’s presentation.

More Options

Opt for one of our updated collar designs. We offer the new President Spread II, English Spread II and Londoner II collar styles that feature stiffer collar bands. The improved band design is fused on both sides for a cleaner appearance that also contributes to their ability to stand up strong under a jacket.

You can also consider going with a button-down collar. With the collar points fastened to the shirt just below the collar band, the collar won’t have the same slipping issues as a standard point collar.

Be sure you also consider your placket. If you have no placket (i.e. a French Front) there is less support for the collar. A fused front placket will provide the most support to help your collar stand up tall.


Collar Standing Up - Button Down

Collar Standing Up – Button Down