How to Submit Fit Photos

If you want to get a second (experienced) opinion, don’t hesitate to email photos of how the shirt fits to  We are very experienced at helping clients perfect their fit and we are more than happy to assist.  Please consider the following guidelines to make your photos most effective.

Take three photos:

  • The first photo should be of you facing the camera, arms at your sides, looking straight ahead.
  • The second photo should be of you in the same position, but facing 90 degrees to the camera, so that we can assess your posture/profile.
  • The third photo should be of you in the same position with your back to the camera. Please, no selfies.


  • All photos should go as high as your neck/chin and as low as your thighs.
  • Look straight ahead with your arms at your sides for all photos.
  • Wear the shirt as you intend to wear it.  Either tucked or untucked, with an undershirt or without an undershirt, and with a tie or without a tie.
  • If you want to send any other photos in addition to these three, that’s great, but please make sure you send the three pictures described here.