How to Submit Fit Photos

Submit a Fit Advice Request

If you want to get a second (experienced) opinion, don’t hesitate to submit a Fit Advice Request through your Proper Cloth account. Our Fit Specialists are very experienced at helping clients perfect their fit and we are more than happy to assist. 

1) Click ‘Get Started’ and you’ll see a list of your custom garments from the last 24 months

submit a fit advice request

2) Choose the garment for which you wish to receive fit advice 

3) Upload your photos (see below for examples and tips for providing the best fit photos)

4) Complete a quick survey, providing feedback on any and all areas of the garment where you would like advice on improving the fit. A space for additional comments is also available.

5) The Fit Specialist will respond with a new size profile, a list of their recommendations, and any next steps. 

Best Practices for Photos

Please consider the following guidelines to make your photos the most effective based on the custom garment type.

For all types of garments, we suggest uploading 3 photos:

  • The first should be of you facing the camera, arms at your sides, looking straight ahead.
  • The second should be of you in the same position, but facing 90 degrees to the camera, so that we can assess your posture/profile.
  • The third should be of you in the same position with your back to the camera.
  • If you want to provide additional photos, that’s fine, too. Just be sure to include the three photos of yourself in the suggested poses, excluding your face.
  • We’ll run you through a checklist of all the applicable dimensions to get your feedback. However, if there’s any additional information you’d like to provide, there’s a space for additional comments.

Dress Shirts:

  • All photos should go as high as your neck/chin and as low as your thighs. 
  • Look straight ahead with your arms at your sides for all photos.
  • Wear the shirt as you intend to wear it. Either tucked or untucked, with an undershirt or without an undershirt, and buttoned at the collar or unbuttoned.

Dress & Casual Pants:

  • All photos should show as high as your stomach and include your shoes. Wear the style of shoes you’re most likely to wear with your pants.
  • In all photos you should be looking straight ahead with your legs shoulder width apart.
  • If you plan to wear these pants without a tucked-in shirt, be sure to make the waist, hip and seat area of the pants visible in your photos.


  • All photos should show as high as your chin and as low as your thighs.
  • In all photos you should be looking straight ahead with your arms at your sides.
  • We recommend wearing the jacket over a dress shirt tucked into pants. In general, we can best assess the proportions of your jacket and optimize its fit when we can see it worn in the way you’re most likely to wear it.

A Note on Photo Submission

Photo submission is subject to the Proper Cloth Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.