Special Events with Proper Cloth

The Proper Cloth Showroom in SoHo, New York City

Special Events at the Proper Cloth Showroom

We’re more than happy to host your group for a special event at our showroom in Soho. We can comfortably accommodate group sizes of 5-25 people. Bring your own refreshments, hang out in the showroom and socialize while everyone gets fitted for custom dress shirts. Our showroom is perfect for wedding parties as well as corporate gifting or networking events.

Corporate Gifting Events for Men and Women

If you’d like to plan a corporate gifting event that also includes women, we can arrange to have an analogous female gift available (custom dresses, custom jewelry, bathing suits, etc).  We’ve done several of these and they are a lot of fun.  Guys can all get their shirts and the women don’t go home empty handed.  In general we’re open minded to your ideas.  Contact us and let us know.