How to Measure a Shirt: Yoke Width

How to Measure a Shirt: Yoke Width

Button up the shirt and spread the shirt out on its front. Measure for the point where the yoke meets the sleeve, straight across, to the same point on the other side. When taking this measurement, pull the two ends of the yoke tight but don’t stretch it.

Standard Shrinkage Allowance:

Proper Cloth does not add a standard shrinkage allowance to the Yoke Width dimension.

Extra Shrinkage Allowance:

For a shirt with an Extra Shrinkage allowance of 2% (for example), a shirt ordered with an 18.0” Yoke Width will measure (18.0”) * (100% + 2%), amounting to 18.4” out of the box.

While we do our best to sew each garment precisely to its specification every time, hand sewing and different fabric types naturally result in small variations. We consider a tolerance of +0.25” to -0.25” acceptable for the Yoke Width dimension.