How to Measure a Shirt: Back Length

How to Measure a Shirt: Back Length

With the shirt spread out on its front, measure from the base of the back of the collar straight down to the center of the very bottom of the dress shirt. Do not stretch the shirt, but be sure it is lying flat and fully extended.

*Note: The number of buttons depends on the shirt length and the placement of the top button below the collar. With the top button placement set to its default position: a 26 to 27 inch shirt length has 6 buttons, 27.5 to 30 inch shirt length has 7 buttons, 30.5 to 33.5 inch shirt length has 8 buttons, 34 to 37 inch shirt length has 9 buttons, and 37.5 to 38 inch shirt length has 10 buttons.

The number of buttons will be displayed in your Custom Size profile and update instantly in response to modifications of shirt length and top button placement.

Standard Shrinkage Allowance:

Proper Cloth does not add a standard shrinkage allowance to the Shirt Back Length dimension.

Extra Shrinkage Allowance:

For a shirt with an Extra Shrinkage allowance of 2% (for example), a shirt ordered with a 30.0” Shirt Back Length will measure (30.0”) * (100% + 2%), amounting to 30.6” out of the box.

While we do our best to sew each garment precisely to its specification every time, hand sewing and different fabric types naturally result in small variations. We consider a tolerance of +0.375″ to -0.375″ acceptable for the Shirt Back Length dimension.