Can I change my fabric or style details when requesting a remake?

With Proper Cloth’s Perfect Fit Guarantee, we offer a complimentary remake on your first order to ensure a perfect fit. In the event that you decide to use your free remake to adjust the size of your first custom item, you’ll be glad to know that we can remake the garment with not only a different size, but a different collar, cuff, buttons, or even fabric.

Changing Remake Order Details

At Step 4 of the Remake Request process, you will have a chance to modify the fabric and modify the style details for your remake item.

Note: Changing to a more expensive fabric or applying design upgrades (e.g. MOP buttons) will require a payment method to be entered/selected to cover the difference in cost from the initial order. Store Credit will be provided if a less expensive fabric or design option is chosen.

Changing Details of Your Garments On Hold

Now, if you selected “Send First” because you ordered multiple custom items in your first Proper Cloth purchase, you’ll be happy to know that you have a second chance to review the details of the items on hold before releasing them to production. Upon requesting the garments on hold from your Order History, you will be prompted to confirm the desired size profile and the style details of each item. At this point, you can change the fabric, collar, cuff, and other style details for each garment on hold. Finally, you’ll also get a chance to change or update your shipping preferences if needed.