The Proper Cloth TechKnit Mask: Design, Fabric & Filter

Black TechKnit Mask

The TechKnit Mask in black

The sleek silhouette and extra stretch of our TechKnit Mask are inspired by sophisticated casual style and the momentum of daily life. We wanted to create something with a pared-back profile, something comfortable, easy to throw on and take off, to match your most casual ensembles, and with the same advanced protection as our Everyday Mask.

Anatomy of the TechKnit Mask

  • Pared-Back Silhouette. A rounded, minimal shape that stays put when you speak without wrapping all the way under the chin. Both the Large and Small sizes of the TechKnit Mask are smaller in measurement than the Large and Small Sizes of the Everyday Mask v1.0-2.0.
  • Moldable Nose Piece. A metal piece at the bridge of the nose allows for a more secure air-seal at the nose and under the eyes.
  • Adjustable Over-Ear and Around-Head Elastic Straps. A secure, comfortable fit, however you like to wear your mask.
  • 5-Layer Design. 
    • Layer 1: Italian merino wool knit shirting fabric (exterior)
    • Layer 2-4: 3-layer non-woven 100% polypropylene filter with meltblown core
    • Layer 5: Premium Japanese polyester mesh (interior)
  • Sewn-In Filter. The filter is sandwiched between the two fabric layers and sewn in for extra security and a cleaner look.

Mask Fabric

Exterior: The outer layer of the TechKnit Mask versions 1.0 and 1.1 is made from naturally antimicrobial, temperature regulating, and stretchy Reda merino wool knit shirting fabric. Merino wool’s impressive natural performance characteristics provide both comfort and protection without the use of synthetic materials or treatments like SILVADUR™, which we use to boost the protection factor of our Everyday Masks. It is also a more environmentally friendly fabric option than cotton, and Reda’s vertically integrated production includes a cruelty-free life for their sheep.

For the TechKnit Mask version 1.2 we changed the exterior fabric to a 100% Italian performance knit jersey with excellent moisture-wicking, breathability, and protection properties.

Interior: Premium Polyester Mesh. The innermost layer of the TechKnit Mask v1.0 is made from a Japanese 100% polyester mesh fabric, and an Italian 100% polyester mesh for the TechKnit Mask v1.1 and v1.2. We chose these as the fabrics closest to the face for their smoothness, stretch, and quick-dry and moisture-wicking properties.


In the middle of the mask is a non-woven 3-layer 100% polypropylene filter with a meltblown core. This filter is sewn-in for security and to maintain a clean silhouette for the mask overall. It has been tested for its PFE (particle filtration efficiency) and certified PFE PM0.1 >85. This means the filter is lab test certified to filter out 85% or greater of .1 micron-sized particles. The average coronavirus particles are 0.125 microns. 

For the TechKnit Mask version 1.2, we upgraded the filter to a BFE ≥99% and PFE ≥95% lab test certified one.


The TechKnit Mask is both hand- and machine-washable, although we prefer and recommend hand washing. Hang it up or lay it flat to dry. Click here for comprehensive washing instructions.