Mask Filters and Filter Replacements

There are different versions of our Everyday Mask, most of which have removable filters. For more information on the specifications of each version, visit this page

Performance Masks – Sewn-In Filters

Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric of our Performance masks (v1.5), the filter is sewn into them to prevent it from sliding around inside the masks. Performance masks can still be hand washed with the filter inside them. Follow these instructions to wash your Performance mask (just don’t remove the filter from it).

The sewn-in filter looks like this:

performance mask with sewn-in filter

Performance Mask with Sewn-In Filter

Replacement Filters

The filters are removable from all of our masks except for the Performance masks. At this time we do not have replacement filters available for sale. Our filters are tested to maintain their effectiveness for at least 20 washes, however we did not test beyond 20 washes. In terms of third-party filter replacements, we recommend using meltblown non-woven polypropylene filters that don’t exceed 6” x “4 in size.
Our removable filter looks like this:
mask and removable filter

One of our masks with a removable filter.