Face Mask Sizing

The Everyday Mask

Proper Cloth’s Everyday Face Masks come in two sizes, Small and Large. Taller adults (> 5’6”) most often find the Large to be an ideal fit. Shorter adults (under 5’5”) most often find the Small to fit best.

Size Large. Our male model is 5’11” and wears a Large mask. He describes himself as someone who would wear a medium/large size hat. 

model wearing size large mask

Model wears a size Large mask.

Size Small. Our female model is 5’4” and wears a Small mask. She typically wears a size small hat. 

model wearing size small mask

Model wears a size Small mask.

When in Doubt, Go Large. Overall, the size Large has been most popular among our customers, so if you’re on the fence about which size to order, we recommend going with a Large. If you have a bigger head, a beard, are very tall, or just want maximum coverage for your face, the Large is your safest bet.

Size Small Can Work for Bigger Kids. A size Small works well for children at least 4’ tall. In our limited testing, we’ve found a Small to fit a 5 year old relatively well (but good luck getting them to keep it on). 

Everyday Mask Size Charts

Everyday Mask size specs v1.1-v1.5

The Everyday Mask v1.0-1.5 Size Specifications

everyday mask v2.0 specs

The Everyday Mask v2.0 Size Specifications

The TechKnit Mask

We recommend choosing a TechKnit Mask in the same way you would choose an Everyday Mask. The TechKnit Mask, however has a more minimal, sleek fit and silhouette that does not wrap as far under the chin as the Everyday Mask does, and it therefore has smaller measurements.

techknit mask specs

The TechKnit Mask Size Specifications

Size Large. The size Large TechKnit Mask measures 5.8” from nose to chin, and has a total width of 7.8” from ear to ear.

Size Small. The size Small TechKnit Mask measures 5” from nose to chin, and has a total width of 7” from ear to ear.