Shirt bumps up behind the back of the collar

Problem description

When the shirt is fully buttoned up, the fabric just below the back of the collar bumps up and comes up over the collar slightly.

Potential solutions

This is a tricky problem that can be caused by a few different factors. We offer a few potential solutions:

  1. Switching to Square Shoulders
  2. Switching to Neck Back 1/2” or 1″
  3. Increasing the Shoulder (Yoke) Width

Switching to Square Shoulders

Decreasing the slope of the shoulders (e.g. Sloping Shoulders to Normal, Normal to Square Shoulders, etc.) can potentially reduce a bump of fabric behind the back of the collar. If you also exhibit other signs of square shoulders, such as the pulling lines from the center chest out toward the edge of the shoulders, then this adjustment should be considered first.

Square Shoulders

Square Shoulders

Adjusting posture to Neck Back

It’s also worth considering adjusting the posture to remove the bump of fabric below the back of the collar. Applying the neck back posture adjustment will shift the position of the collar backwards relative to the chest and shoulders of the shirt. The severity of the bump will determine whether the Neck Back 1/2″ or Neck Back 1″ setting should be applied. Depending on one’s build, a combination of square shoulders and neck back may be the solution.

Neck Back

Widening the Shoulder (Yoke) Width

If the shoulder slope and posture appear to agree with the wearer’s build, consider widening the Shoulder (yoke) Width. If the shoulder width is too narrow, the tension from one’s body pushing against the ends of the shoulders seams can cause the yoke to buckle across the top of the shoulders. This pulling across the shoulders can be the sole cause or a contributing factor to the bump of fabric behind the collar.