Ripping Through the Elbows of the Shirt

Problem description

For some reason or another, you just consistently put holes through the elbows of your shirt.


Consistently ripping your elbows through your sleeves is not necessarily a sign of a poorly made shirt or a cheap fabric. A fit adjustment can reduce the tendency for this to happen, although some guys’ behavior or habits may make this problem unavoidable. We suggest considering the following adjustments:

  1. Switch from the One-Pleat to Two-pleat, or from the Two-Pleat to the Three-Pleat Forearm to slightly widen the fit at the elbow. More on Forearm Pleats here.
  2. Consider increasing the Sleeve Width as this will give you more room around the  elbow.
  3. Double check that the sleeves are not too short.
  4. Switch to a thicker shirt fabric. If you’re wearing a lightweight broadcloth, this will probably rip more easily than a heavier twill due to the nature of the construction.

Also Consider

While it’s rare, we do occasionally find guys that continue to tear through elbows of their shirts despite making the alterations suggested above. This probably means some sort of common use pattern that puts your shirt under too much stress.

Maybe you’re taking calls all day while resting on your left elbow or maybe you like to pump out a few sets of bicep curls every day in the shirt. Consider the way you’re tearing the elbow and maybe the solution is as simple as rolling up your sleeves while you’re on the phone.