Selecting One-, Two-, or Three-Pleat Forearm

One vs Two vs Three Pleat Forearm

One Pleat / Two Pleat / Three Pleat / Three Pleat underside view

What do Forearm Pleats Do?

Forearm pleats are very subtle .5″ folds of fabric at the cuff of the shirt used to determine the rate at which the sleeve tapers from the bicep (sleeve width), through the elbow, and down to the cuff circumference. The number of pleats in the forearm is controlled by your custom shirt size profile.

2-Pleat Forearm: Default for Slim Fit

Selecting the “2-pleat” forearm setting specifies your shirt to have two pleats at the cuff. This is our default setting as having two pleats at the cuff (with all other things being equal) gives a comfortable circumference at the forearm of the sleeve while maintaining a relatively trim profile. It’s an ideal choice if you prefer a slim sleeve overall, without sacrificing range of motion due to tightness in the elbow.

3-Pleat Forearm: Maximum Elbow Room

Selecting the “3-pleat” forearm setting specifies your shirt to have three pleats at the cuff— two on the outer side of the cuff and a third on the inner side. This is the roomiest forearm construction—we designed it for guys with particularly large forearms (e.g rock climbers, tennis players, etc.) and those requiring especially slim cuff circumferences. If you need more room in the forearm/elbow but don’t want to increase the sleeve width, you’ll want to switch to the 3-pleat forearm.

1-Pleat Forearm: Sharp Taper from Bicep to Cuff

Selecting the “1-pleat” forearm setting specifies your shirt to have one pleat at the cuff. There are 2 scenarios in which the 1-pleat forearm may be preferable. The first is that your sleeve width is in line with a ‘Classic’ fit, such that a sharp taper from this wider bicep setting would not impact elbow room. The second scenario would be for particularly slender individuals that find the 2-pleat forearm roomy for their taste, even with their arm bent.