How to Request Custom Garments On Hold

You’ve carefully evaluated your ‘send first’ custom garment or remake and you’re ready to request the balance of your order.

  1. Log into your account
  2. From the top right menu (hover the mouse over your name) select Order History
  3. Click the “Order Details” link next to the original order number
  4. Click the “Request On Hold Items” button
  5. Follow the prompts through to complete your request.

Modify Your On Hold Items

Upon requesting the garments on hold from your Order History, you will be prompted to confirm the desired size profile and the style details of each item. At this point, you can change the fabric (shirts), collar, cuff, lapel, pockets, buttons, and other style details for each garment on hold. You’ll also get a chance to change or update your shipping address.

While requesting your ‘On Hold’ items you’ll have the opportunity to modify the item sizes, item design/style options, and shipping address.