Pulling Across the Upper Chest

Problem description

When the shirt is buttoned all the way up and there is pulling going across the very top button.


The obvious solution to this problem is to widen the width of the chest and the shoulders.  This will increase the amount of room across the upper chest.  However, in some cases you’ll find that the shoulders are already plenty wide (with the yoke coming well off the end of the shoulders) and plenty of extra fabric draping around the chest.

Look closely for any signs of Square vs. Sloping shoulders.  If the pulling lines are running from the top button up exclusively towards the top of the shoulders (and not also down to the armpits) then a square shoulder adjustment should help.

If there are no signs of square shoulders, meaning the lines are running equally to the shoulders and towards the armpits or your shoulders show symptoms of BOTH sloping and square shoulders, then square shoulders may not be the correct adjustment.  In this case, we suggest applying the “Neck Posture Forward 1 inch” adjustment instead.