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Our proprietary Smart Sizes algorithm intelligently adjusts shirt dimensions to create a size unique to you. All of your size and style preferences are saved online so you can easily modify things later. Your custom shirt is made and delivered in just 1-2 weeks!

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How are our linen shirts different?

  1. With completely customizable features ranging from collar styles to cuffs to the addition of a pocket, our linen shirts redefine what it is to be made-to-measure.

  2. Our linen shirts are produced using the world's best fibers and flax sourced from the renowned Normandy region in France. Working with the highest quality raw goods means that our linens will be resilient yet breathable, the best of both worlds.

  3. These shirts are made for you, literally. Our completely made-to-measure model means that you can create the perfect size for any occasion.

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“You could get a dress shirt and have it tailored, but why not buy one made to measure from the comfort of your couch?”
“One of the most successful made-to-measure e-commerce sites there is – attribute that to tasteful fabrics, fast delivery times, and an easy shopping experience”
“Proper Cloth has become a go-to source for made-to-measure shirts for even the most discerning menswear customer.”
“Proper Cloth creates a custom pattern for every customer and lets him choose from a multitude of collars, cuffs, pockets and more”
“There’s just something about wearing a shirt that was made just for you that feels above and beyond even the nicest off-the-rack shirting (in my humble opinion)”
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Beautiful Shirts for Work & Play

Our design team in New York is constantly releasing new collections that are on trend and in season. We cover the spectrum from relaxed casual shirts to conservative business shirts at prices ranging from $80 to $250. Plus, you can customize any shirt to your style preference.

Perfect Fit, Guaranteed.

If your first shirt doesn’t fit exactly how you want we’ll gladly alter or remake it for you in a new size, fabric or style at no extra charge.

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