Tightness Across the Back When Reaching Forward

Problem description

Everything may look great standing straight, but you feel unable to move around like you want. Primarily, reaching forward causes the shirt to feel tight across the back.

Potential Solutions

  1. Adding rear pleats. This is the first, most obvious solution to the problem. Adding rear pleats gives you ~2″ more range of motion while reaching forward, without making your shirt look any baggier in the front.
  2. Switching to Shoulder/Armpit Fit = Full (if it is currently set to Tailored). It’ll remove some of the tightness around your armpit, which should free up more room to move.
  3. Widening the chest. This too will give you more room to reach forward and backwards, but will also make the chest of your shirt appear looser.
  4. Widening the sleeve width slightly. The upper arm will get more room to move, which can help with this issue. Like adding to the chest measurement, this will make the shirt visibly looser.