Selecting Tailored vs Full Shoulder Armpit Fit


Left: Full Shoulder/Armpit Fit — Right: Tailored Shoulder/Armpit Fit

To really perfect the fit of your dress shirt you will have to adjust more than just the dimensions of the shirt and choosing the right type of armpit fit is important.  We have two options: “Tailored” and “Full”.  The selection here does not change the dimensions of the shirt, but rather the angle that the sleeve attaches to the shirt.  The result is a subtle tradeoff of a more tailored appearance versus having greater range of movement.

Full Shoulder/Armpit Fit

The full shoulder/armpit fit gives you maximum range of movement at the shoulder. You can raise your arms fairly high in the air and reach forward or backward with minimal pulling or tightness in the armpit. If you’re used to looser fitting shirts, this is a great place to start. The tradeoff of this option is that (depending on your build) you may notice some diagonal lines running from the outside of the shoulder down to the inner part of your arm-pit and a bit of extra fabric right at the front and back of the deltoid. If you’re going for an extremely tailored, clean look, these lines may be bothersome.

Tailored Shoulder/Armpit Fit

Selecting the tailored shoulder/armpit fit option reduces the fabric at the front and back of the shoulder and makes for a cleaner, more polished look with less lines around the shoulder and armpit. The tradeoff is that you’ll get a bit more tightness around the shoulder and if you reach above your head to grab something or put your arms up and elbows back in a bench-press position, you will feel more pulling at the armpits.