The Proper Cloth Everyday Mask: Design, Fabric & Filter

The Everyday Mask

Most face masks on the market are uncomfortable, ineffective, or—to be perfectly honest—unattractive. So we spent four weeks developing a mask that we’d actually want to wear. Something beautiful, comfortable, and most of all, functional. After countless iterations, we settled on a design we think accomplishes all of this.

Anatomy of the Everyday Mask

  • Rounded Silhouette. The shape has a larger section under the chin than most masks for a more secure fit that doesn’t slide up and down the nose when you talk or move around.
  • Moldable Nose Piece. A metal piece at the bridge of the nose allows for a more secure air-seal at the nose and under the eyes.
  • Behind-the-Head Elastic Straps. Two elastic straps wrap around the back of the head and neck for a secure fit.
  • Side Pleats. Two pleats at each side of the mask enable a close fit at the cheeks and prevent uncomfortable tightness around the nose and jaw.
  • 5-Layer Design.
    • Layer 1: Premium Shirting Fabric with antimicrobial treatment
    • Layer 2: 3-layer non-woven 100% polypropylene filter with meltblown core
    • Layer 3: Premium Shirting Fabric with antimicrobial treatment

Mask Fabric

The first and third layers order the Everyday Mask are made from premium shirting fabrics. Several options are available, each of which we chose specifically for its breathability, comfort, and ability to successfully take antimicrobial treatment. The fabrics are washable, durable, and easy to care for. They’re also treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial solution for extra protection against microorganisms and can be washed up to 25 times before the treatment begins to wear off.


The middle layer of our mask consists of a non-woven 3-layer 100% polypropylene filter with a polypropylene meltblown core. This filter in versions 1.0-1.5 of the Everyday Mask can be removed and washed up to 20 times before it loses effectiveness and should be replaced. Starting in the 2.0 mask the filter is sewn into the mask and is washable along with the fabrics of the outer and inner fabrics layers.

Our Everyday Mask 3.0 is made with a filter whose lab-tested efficacy ratings are BFE ≥99% and PFE ≥95%. This means the filter is lab test certified to filter out 95% or greater of .1 micron-sized particles. The average coronavirus particles are 0.125 microns.