Lines Running from Armpits to Back of Collar

Sloping Shoulders

Sloping Shoulders

Problem description

There are noticeable lines running from the arm-pits up towards the back of the collar.  Generally this will be most noticeable when the shirt is worn buttoned all the way up.  This is frequently a problem with guys that lift weights and have more developed trapezius muscles.  Other folks with wider shoulders that pitch downwards at the end may also find these lines developing.

How it should fit

Ideally the shirt should drape flatly across the upper chest without any lines pulling or puffiness.  For this aspect of the fit, you will want to consider if this is a problem only when the shirt is buttoned all the way up, and if that is how you will primarily wear the shirt.  Also, it’s common for the left and right shoulders to slope differently.  In this situation you’ll want to find a shoulder slope setting that is a happy medium for the two shoulders.

Problem solution

To reduce these lines you will want to increase the shoulder slope on your shirt size.  If you have no shoulder slope adjustment selected, go to Sloping Shoulders, Very Sloping Shoulders or Very Very Sloping Shoulders.  If you had a Square Shoulder adjustment selected you will want to reduce that back to the “Normal” setting, or move it to a sloping shoulder adjustment.

How the adjustment works

Changing the shoulder slope setting on your size changes the elevation of the shoulders relative to the elevation of the back of the collar in 1/4″ increments.  Increasing the shoulder slope from “Normal” to “Sloping” will lower the shoulders by 1/4″.  Increasing shoulder slope from “Sloping” to “Very Sloping” will lower the shoulders another 1/4″ and so on.