Messy Lines Around the Front of the Shoulder and Bicep

Problem description

With your arms at your sides, you notice an excess of fabric and lines running diagonally over the front of the shoulder and down across the bicep.

Switch from “Full” Shoulder/Armpit fit to “Tailored” Shoulder/Armpit fit

We developed the Tailored Shoulder/Armpit fit specifically to help reduce the amount of lines and fabric at the front and back of the shoulder. While all dimensions remain the same, the tailored shoulder armpit fit changes the angle and curves where the sleeve attaches to the body so that the sleeves more naturally point downwards versus straight out to the sides.  Thus, this area will look cleaner and have less extra lines showing.  The only tradeoff is slightly less range of motion at the shoulder.

Reduce the sleeve width slightly

Reducing the sleeve width so that it is tighter around the upper bicep will also reduce the amount of lines that show around the shoulder. Try decreasing the sleeve width by 1/4″ or 1/2″.

Double check that the shoulder width is correct

If the shoulder width is much too wide, and the seams of the yoke are hanging far off the ends of your shoulders, this can cause poor alignment of the shirt seams with your body and thus exaggerate any extra lines around the front of the shoulder. If the shoulder width of the shirt is in on the wide side of acceptable, then consider decreasing it by 1/4″-1/2″ to bring it up just a bit higher on the shoulder.