How the Shoulder/Yoke Width Should Fit

How the shoulders/yoke should fit—incorrect and correct fits.

Left: Incorrect Fit — Right: Correct Fit

How it should fit

This shoulder width or yoke should be sized so that it ends right where your shoulders end and your arms begin.

How the measurement works

The yoke of the shirt is the piece of fabric that runs across the tops of your shoulders. Decreasing the yoke by ½” effectively reduces it by ¼” on each side.

Yoke width looks right but still feels tight

If the yoke seems to end at the right spot on your shoulders, but you still feel some tightness in the shoulders or across your upper back, consider widening the chest width or adding rear pleats.

If you prefer the look of the yoke extending past the end of the shoulders

In some cases, we’ve found that some clients who are used to a more generous or “classic” fit dress shirt desire the yoke width to extend past the end of the shoulders.  While we understand this request and are happy to work with everyone to get exactly what they want, we do not recommend it as it can cause other fit problems to arise.