How Often Should You Wash a Cloth Face Mask?

The Proper Cloth Everyday Mask

Wash Fabric Masks Nightly After Use

Every time you wear your mask in public you run the risk that virus particles land on it, and you’re therefore at risk of exposure when handling the outside of the mask. So, you’ll want to adjust your mask washing schedule according to how much time you spend outside in public.

We find that the best, most practical strategy is to wash your cloth face mask at the end of each day before going to bed. That way it can dry fully and be ready for use again by the next morning. Of course, if you don’t wear your mask one day there’s no need to wash it that night. 

Why Should You Wash Your Face Mask?

Washing your mask regularly is about more than just preventing coronavirus infection. There are many great reasons to wash your cloth face mask regularly!

  • To disinfect lingering virus particles. Washing your face mask regularly will ensure you destroy and remove any virus or bacteria particles that may have landed on the mask while you were wearing it. This will prevent those particles from moving to other surfaces and ultimately infecting you. 
  • To prevent and remove stains. Washing your cloth face mask regularly will help prevent stains from food, sweat, or other things you encounter throughout your day from forming. This will ultimately keep your cloth face mask in great condition and make it last longer.
  • To prevent breakouts and reduce skin irritation. Washing your mask regularly will keep it free of facial oils and other contaminants that can cause breakouts or other problems for your complexion. 
  • To improve comfort. If your mask gets greasy or sweaty, it will become less comfortable against your skin. Like a freshly washed pillow case, a clean mask just feels better against your skin.

How Many Times Can You Wash a Proper Cloth Face Mask?

The Proper Cloth fabric face mask can be washed up to 25 times before the SILVADUR™ antimicrobial treatment stops being effective. You can certainly continue to use your mask after this point, however we’d suggest more frequent, careful washing be done after this point to ensure your mask does not accumulate any bacteria or virus particles on it. Keep in mind that how you wash your face mask is also very important for extending the life of your mask!

The filter can be washed up to 20 times before it should be replaced. Be sure to be gentle when washing the filter as it can be fragile. We are not currently able to produce replacement filters, however there are others on the market that will do a fine job. The key is to maintain 3-layer protection in the mask, and the filter is a crucial part of this.

How Many Masks Do You Need?

Keep a few washable, reusable cloth masks on hand so you can rotate among them. This will allow washed masks to air dry completely between wears and prolong the life and usability of each mask.