Broadcloth Shirt Fabrics

Broadcloth (sometimes referred to as poplin) is a very popular type of dress shirt fabric. Broadcloth is a very lightweight, smooth, flat-looking fabric, with no pattern in the weave of the threads. It is similar in quality to pinpoint fabric, but has less texture. This usually means it is slightly more transparent and not as shiny as the pinpoint fabric. Broadcloth fabric comes in a variety of thread counts, ranging from 50 singles to over 140 doubles. Click here to learn more about fabric thread count and ply.

broadcloth dress shirt fabrics

Broadcloth dress shirts are very versatile. A classic white broadcloth fitted dress shirt will appear very dressy and be perfect for formal occasions. Broadcloth makes for an excellent wedding dress shirt, or a business interview dress shirt. Additionally, because broadcloth is such a simple weave type, you’ll find that broadcloths can offer greater complexity and detail in terms of pattern/color design. Depending on the pattern, these can make for an excellent casual dress shirt. Because it is a lightweight dress shirt fabric, it works great for year-round wear.

Broadcloth Fabric Weave

The weave is an extremely simple construction, technically speaking, where the warp and weft yarns cross over and under each other one yarn at a time.

Broadcloth Fabric Weave

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