Tucked-in Dress Shirts vs Untucked Casual Shirts

With Proper Cloth you can order custom shirts in any size and style you desire. Perhaps you have your dress shirt fit perfected and are looking to create a casual shirt to wear untucked outside of the office. Below are tips for creating this new size and perfecting your untucked, casual shirt fit.


Shorten the Shirt Length

Generally speaking, the biggest difference between tucked-in dress shirts and untucked casual shirts is the shorter shirt length. We recommend shortening the shirt length anywhere from 1.5” to 2.5” for an untucked, casual size based on your dress shirt fit.

Increase the midsection

If you are wearing your dress shirts on the slimmer side in the midsection, you’ll definitely want to increase the midsection width by at least .5” – 1” to allow the shirt to fall straighter and not create an hourglass silhouette at your hips. If the midsection is too trim on a shirt you plan to wear untucked, you will find the shirt bunching up at the waistline and not falling comfortably over the top of your pants.

Widen the Chest and Sleeves

Additionally, some find that increasing the chest width .5″ makes for a more comfortable, easygoing look. This is particularly true if you’ve dialed in your dress shirts to a razor sharp tailored fit. If your dress shirts err on the comfortable and classic fit side, then you can skip the additional fine-tuning and just shorten the shirt length for your ideal untucked size.