Sleeves are too Long

Problem description

It feels like the sleeves are coming down too far over your hands.  Perhaps when you wear a jacket you are showing too much cuff, etc.

How the sleeve length should fit

With your arms hanging relaxed at your sides and the cuffs of the shirt unbuttoned, the sleeves should come down to the center of the back of the hand (or the first knuckle of your thumb).  This may seem too long to some folks, but the key is to also make sure that the cuffs are sized appropriately to your wrists.  This way, when the cuffs are buttoned they will prevent the cuff from sliding too far over your hand. This extra length will allow you to bend and raise your arms without the cuff sliding up over your forearm.


We try to account for shrinkage with how we long we cut the sleeves, so a 34” sleeve should measure 34.5” right out of the box.  If the sleeves seem too long consider that they will shrink with the first few washings.

Adjusting the cuffs tighter

If the cuffs are already stopping the cuff at the correct spot on the hand, but there is too much extra fabric blousing above the cuff, then you do not want to make the cuffs tighter.  However, if the cuff is coming too far down over the persons hand, tightening the cuff can improve the fit.  The cuff should fit comfortably around your wrist but be tight enough that when buttoned it doesn’t slide too far over your hand. Our general rule of thumb is that the cuff size should be 1.75-2” larger than the measurement of your wrist.  (Note, we measure cuffs from center of button to button hole).

Showing ¼” to ½” cuff with a sport coat on

Many customers will want to adjust their sleeve length such that the cuff pops out just the right amount from their sport coat.  The best way to do this is to follow the guidelines to get the sleeve length to fit perfectly in and of itself.  Keep in mind that getting the right amount of cuff to show may require the length of the sleeves of the sport coat to be adjusted.