How to Wash and Care for Casual Pants

Proper Cloth’s casual pants are a great wardrobe staple for anyone’s closet, and they’re extremely easy to care for. Theyre super versatile, as they can be dressed up with a blazer or styled more casually with a polo or t-shirt, and you can customize the fit and design them however you like. In general, our casual pants are an easy, lessformal alternative to our dressier tailored trousers, and the washing method you choose and care you take of them can enhance their desired appearance over time

Wash at Home to Maintain a Casual Look

Proper Cloth’s casual pants are garment washed during production for a softer and more relaxed feel and to minimize potential shrinkage over time. As with denim, we recommend washing them every few wearsnot quite as often as you wash your shirts. Launder them at home with cold water and like colors on your washing machine’s delicate or hand-wash setting, and then hang them to dry. We don’t recommend using bleach or hot water as this can cause fading and shrinkage. We also don’t recommend drying the pants in the dryer—this may shrink them below their original size and can fade the fabric and encourage puckering around the seams. Shrinkage may vary depending on the fabric type and the heat of the dryer, but it’s best to avoid the dryer completely

Reducing Wrinkles

Air drying your chinos will, of course, leave them a little wrinkled once they’ve dried, but the wrinkles will naturally disperse with wear. Alternatively, you can remove the wrinkles quickly with a steamer. Avoid using an iron, though, as the harsh creasing will clash with the pants’ casual aesthetic. Lastly, although we don’t like to do this ourselves, putting your chinos in the dryer for just a few minutes on a very low heat (making sure to not let them dry fully) can also reduce wrinkles before wear.

Dealing with Stains

Fortunately, stains are easily removed from our casual pant fabrics. Just use a stain-removal pen or any other spot treatment before washing. 

Professional Cleaning – A Little More Formal

If you prefer to have your Proper Cloth casual pants professionally cleaned, we recommend a wash and press rather than dry cleaning. Note, however, that professional cleaners tend to iron or press garments pretty aggressively, which may result in a sharp crease in your casual pants. If a slightly more dressy look is your aim, professional cleaning may be the way to go.

Spare Buttons

All of the buttons on Proper Cloth pants are shanked for extra durability, but if for some reason you lose one a spare button can be found sewn on the inside of the pants. If you need another button, reach out to our Customer Experience Team for a replacement.