How to Create the Perfect Custom 5-Pocket Pant Fit

There are a few ways you can create the perfect custom size for your 5-pocket casual pants. We make it easy to start from scratch, or to tweak an existing fit to make a slightly different one.

custom 5-pocket casual pants

Custom 5-Pocket Casual Pants

Create your custom pant size with Smart Sizes

Our Smart Sizes survey will create a custom pant size for you in seconds. This is the quickest and easiest way to create your 5-pocket pant size—just answer 10 questions about your body type and fit preferences, and our algorithms will do the rest.

Start with the pant size you select at any retail store

If you’re creating your first custom casual pant size on our site, we recommend selecting a base size with the waist measurement you would select for the same type of pants at any retail store.* For 5-pocket pants, the waist should sit at the hip bones, a bit lower than your chinos, and allow 2-3 fingers to fit inside the waistband but still sit in place without a belt. The inseam length you choose should also be the same as your usual retail size.

*Vanity sizing typically amounts to a 0.5″-1.0” difference between an items labeled size and the items actual measurements. If you usually purchase pants with a 34” waist from an American retail store, the pants will likely measure between 35” and 36” around the waist.

Use your existing Proper Cloth casual pant fit

If you have already have a slim fit for your Proper Cloth chino/casual pant, your 5-pocket pant may not require any fit changes at all.

You may want to consider making a few changes to that fit, however, if you’d like your 5-pocket pants to fit more like jeans. To achieve a fit more typical of jeans, which are generally a bit slimmer and more close-fitting than chinos, we recommend the following adjustments to your casual pant or chino fit:

  • Consider a Smaller Hip Width: Reduce the hip width by only .3”-.5” (total reduction of .6”-1”) for a slightly tighter fit around the hips.
  • Consider More Taper in the Leg: Reduce both the knee width and leg opening width by only .3”-.5” (total reduction of .6”-1”) for a slimmer taper through the leg.

Measure a pair of pants you already own and like

If you’d like your 5-pocket pants to fit like a pair of pants or jeans you already own, you can create a new size in your account with those measurements. Follow the detailed instructions in our guide to measuring pants to measure them and recreate the fit.