Dress Shirt Comes Untucked

Problem description

The dress shirt comes untucked during the day.  Even with just a little bit of moving around you notice that the shirt is coming out of your pants and looking sloppy.

Lengthen the shirt

If you intend to wear the dress shirt tucked in, then you’ll want to optimize the fit to stay tucked in and look nicely. We suggest increasing the shirt length such that it reaches the bottom of your butt. Having at least 5″ of shirt below your belt line is key to ensuring that when you raise your arms and move around during the day, the shirt does not come outside of your waistline.

Bottom width adjustment

By default, when creating a shirt size with Proper Cloth, the bottom width of the shirt will be automatically determined by our sizing algorithm behind the scenes. Generally, decreasing the midsection width, making the shirt slimmer in the torso, should create the ideal bottom width. However, if your tucked-in dress shirt size is as slim as you desire but you still find the bottom opening of the shirt too loose around your hips, specifying a decreased bottom width will alleviate this problem while helping your shirt stayed tucked in more securely.