Chino, 5-Pocket, and Casual Pant Fabrics for Fall and Winter

The fabrics we make our fall and winter chinos, 5-pockets, and other casual pant styles from are distinct from year-round and spring/summer fabrics in their weight and texture. As you might expect, they tend to be heavier, and the textures range from pronounced versions of a typical twill to plush, waled corduroy. Like those of other seasons, fall and winter casual pant fabrics tend to be made from cotton. We consistently choose stretch cotton blends, such as 98% cotton/2% elastane, across all types of fall and winter casual pant fabrics for their comfort and resilience. 

Below you’ll find the details of several of our most popular fall and winter casual pant fabrics in rough weight order from lightest to heaviest.

Heavy Twill

Heavy cotton twill is a heftier version of a classic year-round chino fabric. It has more weight to it, as well as a drier hand and a stiffer structure, and it’s garment washed for the perfect broken-in look and feel from day one of wear. The diagonal twill weave is a bit more pronounced as well.

heavy twill chino fabric

A Japanese heavy cotton twill.

Peached Cotton

Peached cotton is a classic twill chino fabric but lightly brushed to give it extra warmth and softness. The ‘peach-fuzziness’ that results from the light brushing helps the fabric retain heat and the surface of the fabric shows the soft finish the peaching process creates.

peached cotton

An Italian peached cotton.

Brushed Cotton

Similarly to peached cotton, brushed cotton starts with a classic twill chino fabric. It is, however, brushed even more for an even softer finish, resulting in a quality akin to wool flannel. It is warm and comfortable for cold weather, with a luxuriously hefty weight. 

brushed cotton fabric

An Italian brushed cotton.

Terry Back

The name says it all. This particularly relaxed fabric has a smooth and soft outside that’s almost completely devoid of texture, while the inside (or back) features plush terry that wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable all day. It feels like sweatpants, but looks like a classic chino.

terry back fabric

A Japanese terry back.


With a satisfying heft and finish similar to chamois, cotton moleskin has been favored for centuries for its simultaneous hard-wearing durability and beautiful softness. It feels almost like suede, and its density makes it very warm—perfect for cold weather. It was originally a workwear staple because it could withstand rough activities.


An English moleskin.


Corduroy has a super soft, velvety finish characterized by a uniquely textured weave called wale. Wale is the raised, tufted stripes that cover the entire surface of the fabric, giving it a distinct look and feel. Corduroy is dense and warm, which makes it great for fall and winter.


An Italian corduroy.

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