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Bowery Black Stretch Heavy Cotton Chino

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Select the waist size you normally buy your pants in. Note that the actual circumference of the waist (that will show in the size chart) will be larger than the selected size, as this is normal for pants sizing.

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Select the normal inseam length you would buy your pants in. The inseam length is the distance from the bottom of the crotch of the pants to the end of the leg opening.

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Extra Slim is our slimmest fit around the hips and thighs, with a distinct taper from the thigh down to a narrow leg opening. Suggested for guys that are either particularly skinny, or more average sized but want an aggressive slim fit.

Slim is our modern, office appropriate, most popular, slim fit. Slim but not tight with a taper to the leg opening. Suggested for average sized guys that want a clean modern look that’s not too tight.

Straight is similar to our Slim fit, but with less taper at the leg opening for a wider “boot cut”. Suggested for guys that want a relatively slim fit, but a leg opening that will cover more of their shoes, or fit over their boots.

Athletic is roomy in the seat and thighs, but tapered to the knee and leg opening. Designed for guys with larger thighs and buttocks relative to a smaller waist. If you’re an athlete that wants a modern slim fit, but “Slim Fit” pants are generally too tight around your legs, this is for you.

Classic is roomy in the seat and thigh with a leg that stays straight from the mid thigh down. Suggested for guys that want a more old-fashioned, roomy fit and a leg opening that will cover more of their shoe.

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Perfect Fit Guarantee

Product Info

A hardier, heavier version of our classic cotton chino.

This premium Japanese cotton with a touch of elastane is a hardier, more rugged option for an everyday chino. The more pronounced, dry texture of this hefty twill gives it an extra casual edge, and the elastane provides just the right amount of stretch for comfort. This chino recalls the hefty, stiff feel of vintage military pants, and while they work well year-round some may find them too heavy for the summer months. A classic black pair like this one is absolute must-have. Pair it with a knit shirt and Chelsea boots for a sleek casual look during the week, or cuff the hems and throw on a t-shirt for the weekend.

Shown with Grey Donegal Wool and Cashmere Aran Crewneck Sweater.

  • Product ID CP-P28
  • Style Chino
  • Front Pockets Angled Side Pocket
  • Back Pockets Standard with Button
  • Fly Zipper Fly
  • Buttons Charcoal Horn Buttons
  • Waistband Belt Loops
  • Waist Closure Tab with Button Through Closure
  • Pocket Lining Off White
  • Hem Standard Hem
  • Product ID CP-P28
  • Fabric Bowery Black Stretch Twill
  • Weave Twill
  • Composition 98% Cotton · 2% Spandex
  • Weight 300g
  • Opacity Rating 5 / 5 · Maximum Opaqueness
  • Wrinkle Resistance 3 / 5 · Slightly Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Origin Japan
Detail of Quality Construction That Lasts

Quality Construction That Lasts

Our casual pants are designed with the same meticulous attention to detail you find in our suits and dress pants. A reinforced split back waistband, covered French seams, clean piping, and shanked horn buttons work together to create a durable and beautiful garment you’ll wear for years to come.

Detail of Japanese Stretch Heavy Cotton Twill

Japanese Stretch Heavy Cotton Twill

Made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane, this durable blend has a dry hand and more heft than your usual chino cotton. Perfect for adding a little extra interest to everyday casual looks, no matter the location or time of year.

Reviews (73)

4.57 / 5

73 reviews. Average rating 4.57/5

Recommended by 82%.

  • As ordered

    Ronald in New York, NY

  • A good value: I can't get pants to fit this well off the rack.

    Stephen in WALTHAM, MA

  • The product fit my butt well.

    Christian in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Great value

    Bumsun in Seoul, Seoul

  • Top of the line fabric and lining. Great quality.

    Scott in BILLINGS, MT

  • Good heavy-weight fabric.

    Michael T. in Long Island City, NY

  • Fabric was nice

    Shawn in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Fabric is nice, I’m not huge on chinos with the hook to close - I prefer just a button, but to each their own.

    Nathan in Ottawa, Ontario

  • fabric is durable and good quality

    Kangmin in wilmington, DE

  • Exactly as advertised. Weight is perfect

    Seth in New York, NY

  • Great design.

    Dylan in Brooklyn, NY

  • fabric is very fresh and properly hard

    Kangmin in wilmington, DE

  • Great fit!

    Nathan in MINNEAPOLIS, MN

  • Exactly the design I wanted.

    Dylan in Brooklyn, NY

  • I love these pants!

    Bill in Concord, NH

  • Happy with all.

    Glen in Amelia Island, FL

  • Great fabric.

    Joshua in Brooklyn, NY

  • There is a small issue with buttons cracking.

    Andrew in Marblehead, MA

  • It seems that there should be extra buttons. The buttons seem to crack with amazing regularity.

    Andrew in Marblehead, MA

  • Buttons on button fly not very secure

    Geary in ALOHA, OR

  • The fabric is great and the construction seems nice minus the awkward fit discrepancies

    deric in Oceanside, CA

  • Feels good to the touch. Thick but soft. Well made.


  • The hardware-- particularly the zipper and button seem cheap to me. Construction and fabric are okay. I think I just expected the garment to feel higher quality. They looked nice in the picture.

    Alexander in Felton, CA

  • Great

    Gregory in Evergreen, CO

  • Absolute luxury. You can feel the quality

    Geary in ALOHA, OR

  • Good quality, I would love to see an option to Enzyme wash pants as well.

    David in ROCHESTER, NY

  • Love the fabric and the slim fit.

    Mack in Dale City, VA

  • The construction was excellent. I particularly liked the six belt loops and the three-point waist fastening system.

    Robert in TULSA, OK

  • The material was better than I anticipated. Great pants.

    Frederick in Tampa, FL

  • I changed my lining choice on this one and am very pleased.


  • would like more fabric choices

    David in LOUISVILLE, KY

  • Fabric nice..

    Stephen in YORK, PA

  • Excellent

    David in Scottsdale, AZ

  • Looked nice lyin there....

    Dawn in SUMTER, SC

  • vry nice

    Samuel in New York, NY

  • as for the fabric, it was a little thicker than expected. although it stretches, it needs different sizing due to its thickness and shrinkage; otherwise, the fabric itself is great. as for the construction quality and how it's designed, for the most part i think it is well-made for the price. this happened twice now, but the inner lining on the waist closure is clearly visible from outside. very noticeable if you wear a non-white shirt tucked in. i wonder why the liner has to be sewn so close to the edge of the closure. also I think the inside waist closure can be placed a little lower so that it's covered enough by the front closure tab.


  • Great

    Nat in New York, NY

  • The fabric is very nice and thick. Perfect for cooler weather.


  • not as much stretch as I thought

    Joshua in New York, NY

  • Very durable fabric. More suitable for the cooler months of the year. I like it!

    Greg in New York, NY

  • Seemed fine.

    Chandra in Palo Alto, CA

  • Great fabric quality.

    Ralph in Glenn Dale, MD

  • Everything else is fine but I can’t wear the pants.

    Samuel in Santa Rosa, CA

  • all good.

    Pat in SAINT PAUL, MN

  • Really nice

    William in MIDLOTHIAN, VA

  • Fabric is a little stiffer and thicker than I anticipated, but I imagine it will soften up after the first few wears.

    Alex in Burnaby, Burnaby

  • Fabric not what I expected

    Steven in Gulfport, FL

  • I think the fabric could have been a bit lighter in weight. Have you thought about using the same fabric in the chinos and just offering it in black?

    Stephen in Corte Madera, CA

  • fabric is heavier than I expected.

    Patrick in BEAVERTON, OR

  • Nice quality fabric

    Jeffrey in Warrington, PA

  • Just what I wanted

    Ronald in New York, NY

  • Really nice. Would definitely change the lining to navy instead of white if I was going to order a pair again.

    Matt in Auckland, Auckland

  • well constructed. Looks and feels good

    Paul in Arlington, VA

  • Excellent

    Saqib in markham, ontario

  • Love it.

    Pat in SAINT PAUL, MN

  • The fabric feels a little heavier than expected in a chino fabric. Will be fine for late fall and winter.

    Vincent in PHILA, PA

  • Of highest quality!

    Bill in San Ramon, CA

  • Fabric quality was outstanding!

    Bill in San Ramon, CA

  • Quality of garment was very good. I appreciate that my name was printed on the label.

    Clifton in Seattle, WA

  • Sturdiest fabric on a pair of pants. This is exactly what I wanted.

    Hang in Mountain View, CA

  • Fit great except for my mistaken measurement and they corrected it at their cost.

    Ronald in New York, NY

  • Button was huge and very hard to to and undo

    Robert in North Smithfield, RI

  • Prefer a flexible waist to the fixed one, as it does not allow for any expansion or decrease which happens more often than not with older folks like me. Have no issue with the store bought ones I have.

    jerry in SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI

  • Nice comfortable fabric. Lighter weight than expected for what was described as 'heavy.' i'd say it's a three season weight fabric. Quality appears consistent with what I've seen with numerous shirt orders. In other words, very good.

    Sheran in Alexandria, VA

  • Great quality. Well built. Soft yet durable. The only area for improvement was the button. It was a little large and a little tough to get through the button hole. Very high quality pants. Not wrinkly at all due to the heavier weight.

    James in Bedford, NH

  • Sturdy and thick chino style.

    Quan in Union City, CA

  • Good quality

    Jan Martin in Copenhagen S,

  • Sturdy pair of pants

    Colin in Brooklyn, NY

  • I bought these because the first pair was perfect.

    Leslie in Bordentown, NJ

  • The fabric is a bit stiff still but should soften up with a few more washes. It's perfect for a casual but good looking chino.

    Jeremy in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Fabric was too stiff even after washing. Tailoring was high quality.

    Thomas in Great Falls, VA

  • All good. You might consider this weight cloth for fall/winter and a much lighter blend for hot weather.

    Mark in Riverside, CT

  • Okay

    Steven in Dix Hills, NY


Do you offer rush delivery?

Rush delivery is not available for custom made products. With ready-to-wear and stocked products, we have a little more flexibility.

More details on our Shipping services here.

How can I create a custom Casual Pants size?

We have a few ways to create your Casual Pants size. Choose the one that works best for you.

Smart Sizes - Our most popular and recommended size method. Answer a few questions about your body and fit preferences and let our algorithm calculate your ideal Casual Pant size. Smart Sizes takes into account both your fit preferences and body type for a more personal fit. Click here to create a Smart Size for Casual Pants.

Measure Your Pants - If you have a pair of pants you love the fit of, you can follow these instructions to measure your pants. When you have your desired dimensions ready, use this page to create a size that matches.

Home Try On - If you really want to try something on, checkout our new Home Try On! We’ll send you two of our standard size pants for you to try on and triangulate what the best size for you is. Click here to order a HTO kit for Chinos.

How do I request a remake or alteration for casual pants?

We’re happy to provide each customer up to two complimentary remakes to dial in their casual pants size. You can request your first remake directly from your order history. Click here for tips on how to make the most out of a casual pant remake.

Alternatively, customers can have their pants tailored by a local tailor (and be reimbursed up to $30/pant as store credit). This can be a good option for small or time sensitive adjustments. Click here for tips on how to handle local alterations.

What are the differences between the Casual Pant fit options?

For both Standard Sizes and Smart Sizes, customers choose a Fit, selecting between Extra Slim, Slim, Straight, Athletic, or Classic.

Click here for photos comparing the various Fit options.

Extra Slim Fit is a progression from our popular Slim Fit with narrower dimensions through the hips and legs with a smaller leg opening. This fit is great for thinner guys or guys who want a particularly slim fit with significant taper. Extra Slim Fit is not a skin-tight “skinny” fit, and will still be work appropriate for slimmer men in relaxed offices.

Slim Fit is our most-popular, office appropriate, slim-but-not-tight fit. It’s suggested for average size guys that want a clean, tailored look that will still drape from the thigh down. It’s significantly narrower than Classic fit through the hips and leg, and has a noticeable taper from thigh to leg opening, but is not as slim as Extra Slim.

Straight Fit is similar to our Slim fit in the hips and thighs, but with minimal taper from thigh to knee to leg opening. It has a wide leg opening that will easily fit over bulky boots, or cover more of the shoes.

Athletic Fit is roomier than Slim fit in the seat and thighs, but still tapered to the knee and leg opening. If you have particularly large hips or thighs, but still want a slim fit, this is a good choice for you.

Classic Fit is more relaxed than Slim Fit in the hips and thighs, with significantly less taper through the knee and leg opening. Great for guys who want a roomier fit with classic proportions and a wider leg opening that covers more of their shoe.

What’s the difference between 5-Pockets, Chinos, and Jogger style Casual Pants?

Chino Style Pants is a style of casual pant that typically features angled side pockets, subtle jetted or flap back pockets, and a hidden coin-pocket. Proper Cloth Chino style pants use horn, or faux horn buttons, and have a split center seam in the back. Chino pants can be made in a variety of fabrics, from the most classic cotton twill, to more modern performance fabrics.

5-Pocket Style Pants is another style of casual pant, with design details like we’ve come to expect in jeans. This includes the two curved pockets on the front, a visible small coin pocket on the right side, and two large patch pockets on the back. 5-Pocket pants typically use a metal tack button at the front, and have small metal rivets at the pocket corners. 5-Pocket pants can be made in a variety of fabrics, including washed denim for jeans, and other cotton or technical fabrics.

Jogger Style Pants are unique in that they feature a drawstring elastic waistband and an elastic cuff at the ankles. This gives them them a particularly casual look, similar to sweat pants, but when made with certain fabrics, they can still feel quite smart, but with a sporty flair.

While all styles of pants can be dressed up, Chinos are generally considered the most dressy, followed by 5-Pockets and then Joggers as the most casual option.

How are Proper Cloth Dress Pants different from Proper Cloth Chinos?

Dress Pants (also known as Trousers) are part of our Tailored Clothing line, and are typically made from a wool or wool blend fabric. Dress Pants feature a Bemberg lining inside that goes down to the knee, and a grosgrain reinforcement at the cuff. Dress Pants are made to have a crease that runs down the center front and back of the leg, for a slimming effect. Dress Pants require dry-cleaning.

Chinos can look similar to Dress Pant given they have similar style pockets. However, there are some fundamental differences. First of all, Chinos are typically made from cotton, or a cotton blend of fabric, they have no lining. Secondly, chinos don’t have any crease down the center of the pant legs. Overall, Chinos are more casual than dress pants. Conveniently, Casual Pants don’t need dry-cleaning, and can be washed at home in the washing machine.

Due to some manufacturing differences between the two products, you must have a different saved size to order Casual Pants than the one you use for Dress Pants.

Dress Pants typically take longer to be made and delivered than Casual Pants. Consult current delivery times here.

Can I convert a Chino style pant into a 5-Pocket style pant or vice-versa?

Yes, all of our Casual Pants have customizable designs, and can be switched between the Chino, 5-Pocket, and Jogger styles.

To modify a pants style, go to its product page and click on the “Customize” button. Then click on “Style” to expand this design option. Select the desired style you want and click Next. The image on the left will not update to show the new configuration, but your changes have been applied. Click Add to Cart to purchase the pants in the newly selected Style.

Still have a question? Get in touch

“A clean, tailored look ordered from the comfort of your couch? We’re on it.”

“A perfect weight pant that is quite literally made for you, in your own custom fit.”

“This tech-forward brand lets you customize your sizing... and even offers a free remake.”

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the fit of your casual pants, you can either return them to us for a complimentary remake in a new size or have your local tailor make alterations. Email us a photo of the receipt for the alteration costs and we’ll credit your account up to $30. Alternatively, if the pants are unworn and unaltered, you may return them to us for a full refund within 90 days.

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