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Wrinkle-Resistant Lilac and Blue Check
A beautiful lilac and blue check that’s perfect to wear to the office, or on the weekend. It has a wrinkle-resistant treatment to keep it looking fresh all day long.
From $95
Essential White Wrinkle-Resistant Twill
Our go-to white dress shirt in the under $100 price range made to stay crisp throughout your 9-5...or whatever schedule you're on. With a fine twill construction that has a bit of shine, it feels incredibly luxurious.
From $80
Business Ready Light Blue Houndstooth
A subtle light blue houndstooth check is an essential in any business wardrobe. This fabric is treated with a very light wrinkle-resistant finish that helps it iron easily and stay crisp throughout the day.
From $95
Navy Weekend Gingham
This shirt has a nice, airy feel to it--ideal for any weather. We love the way it looks with a navy suit and navy knit tie, but also with beat up jeans on a night out.
From $80
Versatile Light Blue Check
Sophisticated yet easy-going—wear it with wool trousers for a smart business casual outfit, or pair it with a suit and tie for a sharp business look.
From $105
Classic White Pinpoint Oxford
Paul Newman. Miles Davis. Harrison Ford. Men of taste always have a white pinpoint oxford shirt with a button down in their closet. Can't go wrong with this one.
From $70
The Non-Iron Light Blue Twill
A light blue twill is a timeless dress shirt style, made with a premium Supima Cotton Non-Iron fabric this is the perfect shirt day in and day out.
From $105
Red Multi Gingham
A red and royal blue multi gingham is more dynamic than your standard solid gingham and works as easily under a suit as it does with a pair of jeans.
From $95
Light Blue Heavy Oxford
The light blue oxford cloth button down is an absolute essential. With alternating white and blue yarns used, it has a really subtle color variation that we love.
From $85
Greenwich White Twill
Simply outstanding. One of our top reviewed fabrics, this twill drapes remarkably clean with just enough shine to give it a truly vibrant white color.
From $145
Black Broadcloth
There is no better going out shirt than a black broadcloth. Crisp and smooth to the touch, paired with matching black buttons to have a downtown vibe.
From $95
Wrinkle-Resistant Light Blue Stripe
You can treat a thin striped shirt like this as another solid and pair them effortlessly with any of your ties, jackets, and trousers.
From $95
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