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If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: Aloha shirts are our favorite summer trend. The best versions of these laidback pieces are the ones that incorporate both vintage Hawaiian motifs and contemporary design. Gone are the days of short sleeves that flap down around your elbows; let them give your biceps just a little bit of breathing room, go for a relaxed (but not oversized) fit in the body, and choose a Camp collar for a little retrospection. White jeans give the shirt center stage and put the look squarely in 2019.

Blue Vintage Aloha Print · $160

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Our short sleeve shirts come in four standard sizes, small 14", medium 15", large 16" and extra large 17", along with three different fits to give you the best fitting short sleeve shirt. You can also create a custom short sleeve size.

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Choose your ideal fit. Slim Fit will be nicely fitted, yet comfortable. Super Slim Fit is ideal for those that prefer a particularly trim fit and are not bother by slight tightness or limited range of motion. Classic Fit will provide a more generous, roomy fit that does not hug the body too closely.

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