Requesting Casual Pant Alterations

How to Request Casual Pant Alterations from Proper Cloth

Getting a perfect fitting pair of casual pants on the first try is not always possible.  For many people this will require a round of alterations.  Some aspects of how pants will fit and perform are hard to predict in advance and it’s only after the first pair has been made and worn that the finer aspects of the fit can be tuned.  With Proper Cloth, your first round of alterations are completely complimentary, though getting them done right will require a little effort on your part.  The following are our best practices to make the most out of your alteration and ensure a perfect fit on the second try.

Wash them once to account for shrinkage

Depending on how you plan to wear and wash your casual pants, you may want to give them a cleaning before determining your alteration needs. If you plan to have them pressed professionally, your casual pants will not experience any notable shrinkage or change in size.

However, while our casual pants are garment washed to reduce shrinkage, it’s still possible for them to shrink a bit (particularly the inseam length) with washing and hang drying at home. To ensure they fit correctly for the longterm, consider washing them once before deciding on alterations.

Email us photos to get advice

If you want to get a second (experienced) opinion, don’t hesitate to email photos of how the pants fit to  We are very experienced at helping clients perfect their fit and we are more than happy to assist.  Please consider the following guidelines to make your photos most effective.

  • Take three photos.  The first photo should be of you facing the camera, standing up straight, feet facing forward. The second photo should be of you in the same position, but facing 90 degrees to the camera, so that we can assess from the side. The third photo should be of you in the same position with your back to the camera. Please, no selfies.
  • All photos should go as high as your belly and down to the floor just before your feet.
  • We generally recommend tucking in your shirt to ensure the waist and seat area are visible for assessment.
  • If you want to send any other photos in addition to these three, that’s great, but please make sure you send the three pictures described here.

Please see example photos below

Casual Pant Fit Photos - How To